Dior Detective Medium Bag

  1. Hi! I bought this dior bag on eBay awhile ago and when I got it it looked NOTHING like the picture:cursing: . It's a total fake! Here's a picture the seller posted on eBay [​IMG] and this is the bag I received in the mail.

    Does anyone know where I can buy this bag?:shrugs: I know a lot of places are sold out. Thanks!
  2. ohh i love the second!
  3. The bag with the lace or without?
  4. I stayed away from bags that had handles wrapped in plastic ... I don't think designers wrap the handles like that, do they? I thought I saw someone post some tips on what to watch out for when looking on eBay for designer bags.

    Anyway, I love the white bag :smile:
  5. oh dear, that white is a terrible fake. :yucky:

    with regards to the nude/lace detective, i think it's pretty much sold out everywhere. i think it was limited edition or very rare at least. i'm sure May would know more about it.
  6. It doesn't have to have the lace on it, I'm just looking to buy a white or black detective bag but can't find any on the internet. eLuxury is all sold out. Does anyone know any retail store that still sells the bag?
  7. ah. sharbear has a white detective for sale. i'm not sure if it's still on ebay, but try giving her a PM to ask about it?
  8. Thanks for the advice ;)
  9. Here is my red detective on the right!
    dior family.jpg
  10. It's so beautiful! I like how its a darker red so you can wear it in all season. The vintage flower dior is gorgeous too.
  11. Yeah it's limited edition and rare :sad:. It's my dream bag and I've never seen it in real life (only on the Dior website and style.com). Sigh...I'm just not meant to have it, I guess.
  12. can you not file a claim with paypal and get your money back ? :confused1: its a shame that u would be stuck with an ugly fake and she would keep your money ....:crybaby:
  13. Yeah I did, cause I paid a lot of money for that bag. I wrote to the seller and told her that the bag was a fake and she basically called me a liar. I notified eBay and they cancelled her account and Paypal says that they'll give me my money back since she listed it as authentic and was selling under false pretenses. I'm just sad cause I really wanted that bag. :cry: