Dior Desktop Wallpapers

  1. I saw this thread in the LV forum and there was so many great backgrounds that I figured I'd post over here as well. I've been looking all over the net for some cute girly ones but haven't found anything so if any of you have anything can you please post them here?
  2. What a wonderful idea! I actually have quite a few saved on my computer from the past...I think I'll try to upload them on photobucket when I get a chance so that the full size wallpaper can be uploaded!
  3. i don't hav any but would love some :p
  4. I would love to have some.
  5. i would love to have some dior wallpapers!
  6. YAY glad I'm not the only one. I haven't been able to find any on the net. So the ladies that do have by all means share away!
  7. i would like some too! I have only made my own... :p


  8. aaaaw i just saw my new desktop! :nuts: thanks for posting justin what about your copyright hihi ? :yes:
  9. ^^Love that, have to add it to my favorites
  10. Some of the pics are small but they're very high quality so if you stretch them to fit your desktop they shouldn't look speckly, unless Photobucket modified them.
  11. Great thread!
  12. Awesome MayDay!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I'll need to my zip my batch another day and post them.
  13. i'll get round to editing some of those dior website pictures and making some wallpapers soon, i promise. uggghh provided my essay doesn't kill me first.