Dior Denim Gaucho on Eluxury....

  1. I like it!
  2. Love the shoes :biggrin:
  3. I like the all leather style better.
  4. Is it green denim or blue denim?
  5. there's something about that i don't like...but i can't quite put my finger on it...i like the white much better.
  6. I like the denim better....
  7. Whats with 2 sets of keys though....overload????
  8. :lol: didn't notice it had two keys, I like it!
  9. I kinda like it. Makes for a cool color combination. I like the shoes, too.
  10. hmmm, i would need to see it in person to decide. but it's kinda funky...
  11. I like it! It's cute, but I feel like those keys are annoying sometimes they make sounds when you are wearing them and walking around.....annoying
  12. I still like the red leather the best, but the denim is a funky color...dark and muted, which is sort of refreshing. Still, I hate "denim with denim" and since I wear jeans most of the time (and let's face it, I have blown my bag budget) I will leave this one for the rest of you!
  13. It doesn't match itself. If that makes sense.

    Love the shoes!
  14. Wow.. I looove those shoes, way moreso than the bags !