Dior Deals?

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  1. Just wondering if there are any deals out there on Dior right now? I know there are some on Chanel with the Webster but they don't carry Dior
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  2. I'm in the same boat as you Shoprgrl!
  3. May I ask if you know what items from chanel are on sale now in the Webster? do you have an SA you work with?
  4. Yes I emailed stylist@webster.us and they added to me to a photo stream of all items on sale :smile:
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  5. Not for new collections but if anyone is interested in past seasons the woodbury store just received tones of Diorama. They had awesome men bags a couple of days ago including the cute saddle backpack from FW2019, oblique pieces, kaws, but I think they are all sold out now.
  6. Hi! Do you have any contact information for the Woodbury store? Will greatly appreciate if you can share! Thank you!!
  7. Sure, just messaged you :smile:
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  8. hi can you please share with me the SA info as well? thanks
  9. hi there , could you please also share with me your sa info? thank in advance :heart: