Dior Dazzle Palette ?

  1. Just wondering if anyone owns the Dior Dazzle Palette ?


    it's $45 only from Sephora, but I have no Sephora stores nearby and so can't really check the colors out IRL. Anybody owns it ? Please give me some comments :yahoo:
  2. oooh the colors look so pretty! no sephora near me either tho :sad:
  3. I'm going to Sephora tomorrow - I will check it out and report back... ;)
  4. Alright! I went to Sephora in Troy, MI this afternoon and.........

    They didn't have it!! :push:

    I was actually kind dissappointed, because I was thinking about getting this myself!! They showed me from under display storage that looked very similiar, but had darker colors in it - so it was probably from Fall or Winter...

    The SA explained to me that Sephora.com was also the "warehouse" for all of the actual stores - so they always have the product before it is dispersed to the stores.... She told me just to check back, and if it was online, that they should have it within a week or two.

    So sorry - it was a bust!! (Well... I got the other stuff I went there for, but you know...) I am going to check back next week, and if they still don't have it, I am thinking about just ordering online.
  5. I ordered this yesterday... so I will post a review when it arrives towards the end of the week! :yes:
  6. I don't, but maybe I need to! Pretty!
  7. OMG!! I finally got this - a month later!! I ordered it for my birthday, and it took a week or so to get here...

    I also got the Dior Summer Play lip gloss charm.

    The Dior Dazzle Palette is fantastic!! Definately worth the money!! :yes: The colors are gorgeous, and I think I am going to check if a few of them are sold seperately!! The peachy shimmer blush that is the top color, is GORGEOUS - I love it! I'm very interested to see if I can find that sold in a full size version.

    So if you were considering this, and didn't know if it was worth the $$ - I think it definately is. The colors are vibrant, but seem to very versatile. I'm very happy with it!! :smile:
  8. Oh dont have one of them:girlsigh: i think i need to go shopping dont U ?
  9. The Dior Dice-- can you get that at Sephora?
  10. Yes i have it & the Dice charm, love both of them