Dior date codes and authenticity cards

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  1. Hello! Does anyone know if the "hole" stamp would make this originally a employee purchase? any issues insight?
    D1.jpg D2.jpg D3.jpg D4.jpg D5.jpg
  2. I replied to your PM about this.
  3. I have a query about a date code of an authentic Dior belt. Can you help me decipher? Thank you.
  4. It is made in July 2003.
  5. Thank you! May I ask what the first four digits/numbers correspond to?

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  6. Those I'm not sure about.
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  7. Hi,

    Is anyone able to help me? My mother's bag is showing serial code BO C 0111, anyone able to tell me the year it was produced?

  8. Please post pictures in the Authenticate This Dior thread for authentication.
  9. I bought a 2016 eas west runway edition dior bag and I can't find the date code
  10. It may be in the lining of the interior pocket, or stitched into a seam inside the bag.
  11. Thanks
    I found it stamped inside the interior pocket
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  12. can someone please tell me when my bag was made? i can’t understand how to the date code is 19-MA-0158
  13. According to this date code, this bag was made in May 2018.
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  14. Pls can someone help me answer one question I tried to ask google about it I don’t find an answer for it. My question is can two bags share the same date code ? Pls help a dior neophyte here and should I start running away from it.