Dior date codes and authenticity cards

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  1. Hi guys, I was just wondering whether Dior SLGs have the date code stamped on them? I've examined my miss dior promenade quite thoroughly and cant find a code. Thanks guys
  2. Yes they do. It is usually hidden behind one of the slots inside. You have to open each slot to see if it is behind it.
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  3. Gosh I didnt think of that. Thank you so much joe! I had to go in there with a torch to be able to see!
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  4. Did you find it? :smile:
  5. Yep. It says 12 -MA- 1126. I assume it's made in 2011?
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  6. It is made in 2016.
  7. Oh wow haha I thought I got it all figured out. Do you mind sharing how the system work (no worries if you dont)? I just assumed the first 2 digits means the year it was made.
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  8. 1126 is looked at this way: 12 and 16 (first and third digit, and then second and fourth digit). 12 is the month of production (December), and 16 is the year (2016).
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  10. Thank you soooo much Joe :hbeat: it's definitely very useful to know!!!
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  11. My lady dior code is 18-MA-0165. Can you help me decipher this? I brought preloved
  12. Made in 2015.
  13. Thank you so much!
  14. Where is the serial number on a My Lady Dior locates?
  15. If i remember correny, you’d have to pull the pocket out. It’s on the inside on the side.