Dior date codes and authenticity cards

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  1. I have a quick question regarding my new Diorama bag and the tag inside. I am used to the Chanel ones that have a series of numbers that match the authenticity card, but is Dior different?
    I notice inside my bag it appears to have a sequence of 2 x numbers, 2 x letters, 4 x numbers ( I think thats what it is as it is hard to read). But my authenticy card is a series of 11 numbers and different.
    is this normal? I just want to be sure that it is and not a mix up at the boutique.
    I am only new to Dior so forgive my question if sounds dumb. :smile:
  2. The date code is found inside your bag. It tells you the month and year the bag was produced. The numbers on the authenticity card is actually the style number for the bag you bought. The two are not the same.
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  3. Thank you I appreciate the clarification :smile:
  4. I just bought a wallet from Dior and it didn't include an authenticity card. Is that normal? I did buy it directly from a Dior boutique
  5. It should come with a thin quality guarantee card that does not have space for any boutique stamp or writing. But if it doesn't, it's not out of the ordinary. You don't need the card if you were to submit the wallet in for servicing.

    Congrats on your Dior wallet, by the way. Any pictures that you would kindly share with us? :biggrin:
  6. Thanks very much for the reply. It concerned me a bit as pieces I've purchased from Chanel and LV always have them. I'd love to share photos. I love the color!! [​IMG]
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  7. Oh I saw this in the other thread too. Congratulations once again! The leather looks pretty durable.
  8. Oh, I like it especially the color. Can I peek inside. Also, how does the serial number looks like.. I would be receiving my first CD wallet soon. Ao excited to see it in real.. Thanks
  9. Does anyone know what the first 2 digits and letters mean? I've recently got myself a Lady Dior Voyageur Wallet in the colour Blue Nuit. I saw the date code embossed inside the wallet and it says: 25-MA-0166. From my research in this forum I can figure that it was made in June 2016. But what about "25" and "MA"? I haven't been able to find that on any thread yet. This is just for me to know my wallet better.
  10. Ohh so you don't need to submit the card together with the item to the boutique when sending it back for servicing? I was asked for the card. Their reason was to make a copy for this case and file it in their record, and mine was the strap of a Lady Dior.
  11. Hello

    I just bought a new diorama and I noticed there were two spelling mistakes in the care instructions. This came from the Austria store. Is this normal?
  12. Yes, it is normal.
  13. Thank you so much :smile:
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  14. When my bag is made? I bought my bag eeek ago from Berlin store. How i read my bags tag : ) 18-MA-0117
    Thank you, -xxo Tommi
  15. It was made this year in January.

    Would love to see what bag you got. We have a thread for Dior men and would love to have more contributors: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/dudes-and-their-diors.784718/
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