Dior Cruise......love......

  1. [​IMG]

    Just got these from ELUXURY..I may need to buy the pink ones too..THEY R WAY CUTE!LOL!LOVES!:love::heart:
  2. these r flat flipflops.....rubber bottom...SO COMFY!
  3. ooooooooooooo im going to go check them out! do they have a arch type part in the middle? I cant wear flip flops without the arch support.
  4. ps nice toes lol
  5. They do look comfy, very nice indeed :tup:
  6. Jill! As always I'm jealous of your shoes, you have AWESOME taste... I was staring at those last night thinking... hmmm maybe I should ;)

    I love them on your little pinkys and toes :biggrin:
  7. cute shoes, so so cute
  8. Love these, Congrats!!! I've been debating between these and the red slides on Elux. they are super cute. :smile:
  9. Cute, comfy and Dior= total score! Congrats!
  10. Lovely.
  11. very cute.
  12. those are very cute!
  13. very cute!
  14. very nice ... I wish I had good looking feet like yours, so I guess I can't have flip flops! LOL!
  15. LOVE them..I'm off to check out elux to see if there's any left!