dior costume jewelry online

  1. where can i find the costume jewelry collection online? i want to find my birthday present! thanks!
  2. You can buy Dior Jewelry from eluxury.com or diabro.net
  3. Also, you can go to dior.com and look through the jewelry selection and then call an outlet and have them ship it to you.
  4. I have never been to the diabro.net website.. is it 100% authentic?
  5. +1 for eluxury.com. Although when I visited my local Dior boutique the other day, they had a bunch of stuff I've never seen on eluxury.

  6. yes it is:tup:
  7. the selection online isn't as extensive as going to the store proper, but if a dior isn't near you, your best bet would be the afore mentioned sites (as others have kindly pointed to). the dior.com site doesn't have an online store for the US however (it directs you to eluxury).