Dior Connect Tote info?

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  1. Hi there,

    My lovely SA just sent me these photos of what I think is a new style tote called Dior Connect? Has anyone seen these IRL? My biggest concern is if they are too heavy? I love Dior totes but I find many of them are heavier than usual because of the leather inside and out. I love the quality but my back doesn't like the weight.

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  2. I haven't seen it in person but I am a sucker for a good tote! This does not look like it is double lines like the Diorissimo so I'm sure it's not as heavy. I assume it would be like the Open Bar which is quick light imo, only find mine heavy when I over stuff it.
  3. hi! i like this tote!! it looks light & chic. any info if other colors are available?
  4. How can you tell it's not double lined? I thought with the contrast interior, there should be another layer of material?

  5. I could be wrong but looking at the second photo the seams on the interior are like my Open Bar. I believe a double lined leather makes the bag bulkier so the seams on the inter and exterior are much thicker and need more reinforcement? And from there Inlieve they need to add sealant to create a smooth edge.

    If you see the Be Dior bags in the background you'll notice the seams on the exterior of the bag... I think this is part of the construction required for the separate leather lining.

    I could be wrong though! It's just a guess heh
  6. I haven't seen this in real life yet but I LOVE it! And seeing the boutique photo that you have uploaded makes me like it even more.
  7. UpTime has uploaded this picture of the Dior Connect.

    Hightea_xx is right. The bag is not considered to be double-lined (unlike the Diorissimo and Be Dior which are double-lined). Instead, the leather is thinner and the suede backside is either the backside of the outer leather, or it is bonded leather where the outer layer is bonded to the suede layer inside.

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  8. I wonder if you know how much the tote is in Canada? Just curious....! Hehe I'm eyeing something else but it's nice to be tempted
  9. I am tempted too. I can't wait for the duffel ones to be released. I think this line makes for an incredible unisex bag.

    I don't know the price at all, but given its design, I'm guessing the price point should be just a bit higher than the Open Bar, due to the woven construction of the Cannage.
  10. I love the look of this. Can't wait to see it in person and also what colors it comes in.
  11. My SA just sent this bag to me as well and it is 3500 euros! She said it is very roomy BUT very LIGHT! There are also a black one and a brown with dark green suede interior just like the Diorever version!
  12. I guess the light part is due to the lack of hardware and lack of a double lining.

    Wow the price is quite high. I rather have a Diorissimo or a Diorever at this price, personally.
  13. Yea I'm actually quite surprised at how high it was priced!!
    Even more expensive than a medium Diorissimo and Large Diorever I'm so confused lol But there's a new lamb skin backpack priced at 1800 euros which I think is very reasonable!
  14. Love this colour

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  15. That backpack sounds intriguing! Do you have any pictures of that as well?