Dior Colors

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  1. Does anyone know how long a color will be available for a Lady Dior? I’ve been holding out on getting one until the right one came along, and then I saw it- Cherry Red in lambskin The perfect bag! Trouble is I’ve been battling serious health issues for most of the year. Everything is fine now; treatable and manageable. However, even with “good” insurance medical cost in the USA are astronomical. Before I treat myself for getting through an extremely hard year I want to pay off all my medical bills, but that will take time. I was hoping by the time that is done the bad will still be in production. If anyone has an idea I would appreciate it. TIA!
  2. Get the cherry red I have it it’s amazing! Don’t wait until someday cause I did that for a long time. Then I had 2 heart attacks and was pronounced dead at one point SCREW IT LIFE IS SHORT DO/GET what you want
  3. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I believe LD always has some sort of red coming out every season, and all of their red colors ARE BEAUTIFUL. This season it is also coming out Matte Cherry red and regular cherry red. I have seen Lady Dior in Red every time I go to store so you shouldn't worry. A Dior SA can always help you to find your perfect red LD. The good thing is LD is there to stay as one of their iconic bag. You really need to take care of your medical debt and/or negotiate your a better payment/month. It's your choice but if it was me, I would take care of my medical debt first. I hope you'll enjoy your LD in good health. :smile:
  4. I have a fantastic rep in nyc Bloomingdales. She can ship whatever you want and she sends pictures. If you want her contact infoPM me. I am going to order Dior oblique from her!