1. Hey everyone!

    I was on the eluxury site and noticed the new Dior Christal...



    This watch looks beautiful, but what really made me post this was how Dior and Chanel are competing so badly against each other. For some odd reason, Dior and Chanel both came out with large faced trendy watches (the J12 for Chanel), and Chanel came out with a beautiful version with MANY diamonds arranged in a bezel set. Now Dior has one too!!!
  2. Very purty! I'm in the market for a new watch...
  3. thithi .. i have it in grey ... get it ... u'll definitely love it
  4. those are TDF.. thanks May:smile:
  5. It's cute.. buuut.. I think I prefer the J12 (please don't beat me out of this forum !!).
  6. I totally agree that Dior did a better job than Chanel. Have you seen this crystal soft pink watch by Dior? Chanel hasn't even catch up with Dior on the pink color yet, right? Dior christal soft pink diamond Index watch.jpg Aren't they adorable?

  7. Oh the pink is so nice!!! This is something Chanel hasn't done yet.

    I do think that the J12 looks very nice too, especially the white ceramic one (I didn't know white ceramic can look so nice on watches), but I love the crystals on the Dior Christal strao (they make a very "rich" jewelry effect). If I could buy either one I would choose DIor only because I like the brand more.