Dior Christal? To get or not to get?

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  1. Hi Girls,

    I have been debating with myself - should I get the Christal White Diamond Watch (28mm)? How is the quality? Do you think the value will hold, or will it be on sale in the future for a lot less then current retail? Is this watch a classic, or will it be out of style and phased out as a "fashionable piece?" Is it worth the 2750?

    I definately want a timepiece that will last through the years, style wise and value wise. Should I invest instead in a "watch brand" like Tag, Movado, etc?

    HELP Girls!
  2. a watch brand will always hold a better value, personally although it's a cute watch I just feel it's too close to a J12 (Chanel went there first) I'd rather have a J12

    I don't know about the quality etc but I'm sure someone will be along who can help on that

    Good luck with your decision
  3. for that price, I'd rather buy cartier or another watch brand. It depends though -- I think brands like cartier are more timeless and will hold its value better.
  4. I agree with the other gals. I would go with something more classic like Rolex, Cartier, etc. My mom bought one years ago with the diamond bezel and she does not wear it everyday, but it is a fabulous piece and something that she will definitely pass on to the other girls in the family. My sister just got a Rolex last week and again, another timeless piece. I know it is something she will leave my nieces. I'm due to get mine in August. :smile: I would definitely stick to Cartier or Rolex when you are spending that much money. You want something that will always be in style! :smile:
  5. I think the sapphire crystal band is interesting but when I saw it I was not impressed. I'm a Rolex/j12 girl and I'd rather have either than the Dior. It seemed like they put it out to compete with the j12 but there is no contest, in movement or in style. Is there an automatic version yet? If you absolutely love it, go for it, but I think you can do better :smile:
  6. I LOVE Dior bags and sunnies; but, I have the Chanel J12 and in my opinion the Christal really does not come close. When I saw the Dior Christals in person I thought they looked cheap and fake...Perhaps there is just too much going on with the watch so it winds up looking cheap.

    This is just my humble opinion, and if you love something than it doesn't matter what anyone else says. However, if you are looking for a classic watch, that will stand up to wear, time, and maintain it's place in fashion I would look at other brands.
  7. I have been debating this issue as well. Personally, I'm not old enough to pull off a Rolex or a Cartier- I want a quality watch that is young.. but still classy! Obviously I'm having some trouble finding one that fits the bill.. :biggrin: I was in LOVE with the j12 but I'm not sold on the ceramic band. It seems innovative and I'm sure its amazing quality (though the Dior SA tried to tell me otherwise) but I personally don't know if I'm completely okay with it enough to pay 4 or 5k for the watch. I liked the Christal because I think it's more age-appropriate for me and I love that it's white but with the silver (steel?) links. I would not opt for the one with the diamonds- I think we automatically go for the most expensive items sometimes but the diamonds made the watch tacky. I literally cringed when I saw it in the store because it really made me think of the saying that money does not buy class. (All of this is my opinion, I hope you are not offended!!! :heart:) I hope more people reply to this thread because I would love to know other people's opinions as well.
  8. I really appreciate everyone's input!
  9. I've rocked a santos and a roadster (cartiers) since I was 20- I dont think theres an appropriate 'age' for any thing- if it looks good on your wrist go for it!
  10. I have a white Dior Christal w/ diamond bezel and I absolutely love it :heart: I think it's totally different to the J12 which is much more sporty looking. I don't think Dior Christal looks cheap at all. Granted it is not a plain, classic looking watch, & may not suit everyone, I find the style really feminine & glam & totally me :p. I'm extremely picky about quality and material when it comes to bags, clothes, everything.. for example I will never purchase a shiny pvc bag even though it's made by LV or Chanel. But for me this watch is worth the money. The sapphire crystal band is really durable too you don't have to worry about scratching.
  11. Oh goodness SPORTY- that's exactly what the j12 is. It was soo on the tip of my tongue but I could not remember to save my life. I agree that the Christal is really glam- I think the j12 is far more understated while the Christal is sooo girly and even a little diva-ish.. which I really like.

    The sapphire crystal band is very very durable. The SA literally threw it on the floor and it was fine. I was so thrown off by that. :p
  12. christal is a very good looking watch!!!