Dior Chri Chri---In or OUT

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  1. Ladies

    what do you think of the Dior Chri Chri...the hand stitched.. is it in...or OUT?

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  2. Whether it's "in" or "out" if you're thinking of getting it new from the boutiques it won't be there for much longer.
  3. no i meant is it a great bag to have or do you feel it is not appealing enough anymore :smile:
  4. I personally thought it was a great bag - soft quilted leather, large enough to fit everything and not to mention stylish; but I've heard that due to the hardware, it is very heavy. If I were to choose a Dior bag, I would rather get a classic one such as a Lady Dior.
  5. depend on you...if you like it,it could be a really great bag and always "In"

    i do love all my dior bags and pretty sure my heart will not change after years
  6. thank you ladies...i just felt it was too big..
  7. I know what you meant.
  8. I bought the Chri Chri, and my shoulder hurt from getting the bag home. I returned it and purchased the large Lady Dior instead. I adore the hardware on the Chri Chri, but it's heavy even empty.
  9. ops!!!! thanks for that...i didn't know
    this is very useful
  10. I think it's a great looking classic bag. Actually, I want one in the cannage but just can't justify the cost! And yep, it does weigh a ton, even empty. I ended up with the cannage drawstring shopper instead - about half the price and much lighter on the shoulder :smile:

  11. I have my eye on a granville now :smile: in cherry red :smile:

    i am saving for it...just hope it stays there till i get it!