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  1. Hi, I spotted this little pochette in a Dior online advertisment, but couldn´t find it on their website here in Germany dior dino pochette.jpg . Could anybody tell me what it is called, please? I love the quirky design. Thanks so much!
  2. hi all, quick question. just purchased my first lady dior. Im used to chanel and having an authenticity card. My MLD did not come w/ one, is it supposed to?
  3. There should be one. Did you receive a small envelope with the care instructions? Might be inside. Your SA should've included one that's filled out with the reference number and a stamp of the boutique location.
  4. Oh maybe! Quite possibly I assumed it was the receipt and did not open. Thanks!
  5. This is the Dior Men x Sorayama clutch
  6. Thank-you so much!
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  7. New arrivals

    E8DC6DED-882D-47D4-8EF2-D2403C73B3D3.jpeg 2ECADE25-8039-4B9C-8C98-180DFD136A9C.jpeg 17271701-27DE-47C5-9F97-94A8988E59BA.jpeg 6B9E0154-03CF-46D6-A978-07944F1173E7.jpeg 6B91E416-FD99-4854-95F0-3858C8AB90A4.jpeg BA328171-1303-4F1C-A1F5-6A3C1E0E7A0B.jpeg 2ECADE25-8039-4B9C-8C98-180DFD136A9C.jpeg

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  8. Hi all!
    Is anyone in the Providence/Boston area and has an SA they like at the Copley Square Dior? I'm in Providence and would like to be in contact with someone at a boutique since I don't live super close to one and can otherwise only shop online.
    Thanks! :smile::heart:
  9. Does anyone know what it means when your SA mentions Winter reservations?
  10. 97EC0F9D-C371-4052-BB89-5FEB6813E155.jpeg I purchased the calfskin saddle belt from the boutique, and brought it home like this (see photo). How do I tuck in the strap from the inside with this attached piece of leather? Should it have been removed? Help me figure this out please! My SA has left for vacation today.. Thanks!
  11. This belt loop is to secure the overhanging leather once the belt is worn. It should not be detached. It's like most other belt loops. The reason why is is attached is that it keeps the loop from sliding off the entire belt (it's easy to lose when that happens), and secures the loop where the belt overhang resides.
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  12. Thanks AJ. I see what you mean, so I’ll be sure not to cut it off or anything. But, I’ve seen models wear this belt and have the it looped from the inside. How can I achieve this?
  13. I believe they are wearing the fabric version of this belt, which doesn't close the same way (it has a cinching mechanism instead).
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