Dior Chat Thread

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  1. Thank-you so much for sharing your prescious information!
    I fully agree on the Gaucho bags- they are the most delicious! I am very happy to own three of them (a huge black one, a medium black and a medium red) and each time one comes out of its dust bag it fills the room with a scent of pure joy no matter whether it is cold or warm!
    The last Dior bag I bought is a rather battered big Karenina. When it arrived on a very cold day it did not have any scent, but after warming up it started to give off this joyful Dior leather scent, too. Even my 9-year old son noticed it and complained when I took the bag out of the room.

    I really wished Dior would make it into a perfume!
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  2. I agree. The new Cruise 2019 shown in the Dior website looks gorgeous!
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  3. Diorever, Dioraddict Tote and Crossbody, and 21st Tote and Flap Bag have all been removed from the website... do we think/know if these bags been discontinued?
  4. anyone know what size is this?
  5. I know that Dioraddict is discontinued.... [emoji17]
  6. I still see dioraddict on the European site if you scroll under all bags....
  7. Re dioraddict, I heard from my SA
  8. It's the medium size.
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  9. These bags are still all on the UK website. The US website has fewer items and now doesn't even have the DiorMag feature even though it is on other countries' websites.
  10. Hi, any Dior Dubai MOE customers here? Anyone going to the Spring-Summer presentation?
  11. Hi, any Dior Dubai MOE customers here? Anyone going to the Spring-Summer presentation?
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  12. I bought a New Diorama small flap bag at boutique yesterday.
    When I got home, I threw the paper bag away.
    But I forgot to take out the receipt!!!
    So now I lost my receipt within 1 day...
    I asked the SA, he said it's fine if I lost the receipt.
    They still have record in the system.

    But I still do not feel good..
    Any thoughts?
    Anyone tried after-sale service without receipt?
  13. You can go back to the store and request to have the receipt printed again. They can print a duplicate one.
  14. I think you'd be more comfortable following averagejoe's advice. I know I would be.
    p.s. helpful for household insurance purposes??
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  15. Accidentally found this while cleaning the guest room! We are having a belated Valentine’s Day date tomorrow cauz Hubby had to work all week... wasn’t looking for my gift AT ALL.
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