Dior Chat Thread

  1. That makes more sense.

    Here in Canada we get less stock (and later release dates) because we don't get the same level of tourism, so seeing it on a Jenner would mean we have no chance of even getting it at all at the boutiques because they go straight to the VIPs.
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  2. :smile:)) Really? Yes that is crazy. Here in Dubai we don’t care about all jenners in the world but then the IG-crazy tourists come and buy it all.
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  3. hi SL, going to Dubai tomorrow and wondering how prices are compared to US or London?
  4. Dubai is a little more expensive than the UK. If you buy at the Dubai airport then its about the same as UK Retail price.
  5. To answer your question,

    This t-shirt is £590 in the UK and AED3.100 here in Dubai which, at the official exchange rate, is equivalent to £655

    The difference used to be more dramatic. The Dior SAs told me about price equalising but you can see that there is still some difference. And also, with only 5% tax here in Dubai, the tax element in the price is bigger in the UK. So, if you can shop tax free, the UK prices look even more attractive.