Dior Chat Thread

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  1. That makes more sense.

    Here in Canada we get less stock (and later release dates) because we don't get the same level of tourism, so seeing it on a Jenner would mean we have no chance of even getting it at all at the boutiques because they go straight to the VIPs.
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  2. :smile:)) Really? Yes that is crazy. Here in Dubai we don’t care about all jenners in the world but then the IG-crazy tourists come and buy it all.
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  3. hi SL, going to Dubai tomorrow and wondering how prices are compared to US or London?
  4. Dubai is a little more expensive than the UK. If you buy at the Dubai airport then its about the same as UK Retail price.
  5. To answer your question,

    This t-shirt is £590 in the UK and AED3.100 here in Dubai which, at the official exchange rate, is equivalent to £655

    The difference used to be more dramatic. The Dior SAs told me about price equalising but you can see that there is still some difference. And also, with only 5% tax here in Dubai, the tax element in the price is bigger in the UK. So, if you can shop tax free, the UK prices look even more attractive.
  6. Hi everyone! :wave:
    Just wondering if anyone has experience with how Dior prices in Japan to compare to other countries (particularly Australia)? I know Asian countries tend to be more expensive than Australia (which is already expensive) for most designer brands, but I wasn’t sure if that rule applied to Dior as well. Thanks for your help!! :flowers:
  7. Good evening, I keep wondering what does Dior do to their leather to make it smell so nice... all my handbags and boots (all from the Galliano era) do exactly have the same scent- something that must have been added on purpose to create something like customer loyalty... a warm, earthy, leathery, sweet scent, catching all my senses at once. I smell it, kind of taste it, feel it in my fingertips... it makes me want to bury my face in the bag, cuddle it, love it forever... it´s better than chocolate... Am I the only one to fall for it or does anybody else has the same experience?
  8. The smell comes from the tanning oils and any other chemicals that are used in the production of the leather. If the leather is different, then the bag has a different smell. For example, I find the smell of the Dior Gaucho from the Galliano era quite different from the other Dior bags of that time. The washing and waxing of the Gaucho leather gave it a very distinctive smell.

    On top of that, boutiques are scented with a unique house fragrance (most luxury brands have their own boutique scent), and sometimes that scent lingers for a while on their products.
  9. That is so interesting AJ! How do you know so much about Dior?
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  10. Been a long time fan, as long as I can remember (since childhood) :smile:

    My first Dior was a very memorable experience, all the way down to the smell of the leather.

    The smell of the boutiques came from noticing how Chanel boutiques have this "smell" that is very Chanel, and I started noticing it at other boutiques. It's like a signature scent. Las Vegas resorts used to have unique fragrances that give them a scent signature. I remember walking into Aria (where I stayed) and noticing the wonderful smell there that wasn't at any other resort. I later found out that you can buy the scent in their souvenir shop. But years later when I returned, MGM Resorts used that fragrance at ALL of their own resorts (i.e. MGM Grand, Mirage, etc.) and it was no longer special to Aria. I guess the fragrance had such a positive response that they repeated that at all their resorts. I was hoping they would keep it unique for each resort.
  11. I have quick questions on repair services at Dior.
    have anyone got your Dior bag repair at Dior? How is their services?
    on my lay dior bag, I just bought like less than 3 months and used 3 times. The letter "I" on Dior charm fell off, I couldn't find it any where in my house. Do you know if I can order a replacement for an I's letter ?
    they don't have Dior boutique around my area. only department store ( NM and Nordstrom only) , do you think department stores can help me fix it?
  12. Is there a Dior concession inside the department store? Repairs for Dior go through Dior company boutiques and concessions.

    Dior can replace the letter "I" for you.
  13. Hi, just a quick question; is anyone here interested in the home decor that Dior sells or is it just about handbags, rtw etc? I thought it might be nice to have a homewares thread like they have in the Hermes forum although I do know there are few locations where Dior homewares can be purchased :smile:
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  14. Some people here are. I've seen more recently here with the Toile de Jouy collection which seems very popular.

    I suggest starting a thread in the main forum. If it gains traction, then I can "sticky" it somewhere.
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  15. The LVMH financial results have been released!

    According to Bernard Arnault:
    I think the rumours of Maria Grazia Chiuri being replaced by Kim Jones are false. Her products are very successful. In my personal experience, I haven't found it so difficult to track down Dior products before she arrived at Dior because they never used to sell out so fast! It must mean that her designs, paired with Pietro Beccari's excellent management of the brand, are resonating with customers.
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