Dior Chat Thread

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  1. Saw the new/renovated/ginormous Dior boutique in Boston last night...where have I BEEN??!! This boutique is absolutely stunning...also saw the Book Tote in person (finally)... :amazed::heart:...just wish the SAs I met years ago and became friendly with still worked there. :girlsigh:
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  2. Stunning Dior watches just in time for the holidays!

    Dior Grand Bal Plume Noire

    Dior VIII Montaigne Clair de Lune
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Oh my gosh...the Claire de Lune....
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  4. Have to say that I am LOVING the guitar-width handbag straps and LOVE the ones in the Toile de Juoy (and the same print in the Book Tote - swoon!)...but I wish that the brown printed ones also came with silver hardware, to match the silver hardware on my Lady Dior in chocolate brown. Usually, I don't mind mixing hardware, but it would bother me too much if the links that attached the strap (now only in a muted gold) to the bag would contrast so much with the silver hardware. If anyone knows or hears about Dior releasing silver hardware for these straps in the future, please let me know. Thanks! :heart::flowers:
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  5. Hi! I'm looking to purchase a Lady Dior Lambskin wallet. Anyone know if these ever go on sale? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I want the Clair de Lune so badly
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  7. Maybe AJ or someone else could let me know what colour this mini diorever is please. It’s described as pink but in some of the photos I see a lilac tone ...

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  8. This looks like the Lilac Pink metallic bullcalf to me.
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  9. Thanks AJ :tup: I had hoped it wasn’t metallic or lilac :lol:
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  10. I have a question
    My daughter asked for this necklace for her bday
    My SA searched for me but they were sold out in the Gulf. She found one in Abu Dhabi but it was snatched before she could transfer it for me.
    My question is - wtf is going on? Did someone famous wear it on Instagram etc? Why are they so popular?
    And the main question - has anyone seen it recently?! Help!!! She will survive without it of course but I wanted so much to surprise her
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  11. I want a bar jacket but can’t decide between the beige or the black
  12. Which one do you like more? Which one caught your attention?

    I find the black accentuates the Bar shape more.
  13. I am not as savvy with what is going on in social media, but I do know that some members were inquiring about this bracelet when it was first revealed on the runway. It is a nice bracelet, and lock styles tend to be quite popular with any brand. I'm guessing that it is hard to find because it is a nice piece, and also Dior doesn't give each boutique many pieces of the same jewelry unless it is something they promote heavily (i.e. their Tribales earrings). I had a lot of trouble getting a hold of the J'ADIOR chain bracelet almost two years ago after the Dior at Saks sold out of it. They only had one piece.
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  14. #6659 Dec 9, 2018
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    I liked the beige one but I know black is a classic colour ...it is the double breasted one.
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  15. I was told that they were lying freely until the tourist season started. When the tourists come - nothing is left after them :smile:
    And I also got the answer to my question - a Jenner was seen wearing that :smile:))) That’s why my 16 y.o. wants it, as easy as that. I know, it’s good for the sales, but god save Dior from the K kurse
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