Dior Chat Thread

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  1. I really don't think Kim Jones will take over Dior women's RTW and couture, but if it happens, then I can foresee Maria Grazia being moved to another LVMH brand. She will be able to continue her brand of female empowerment at that label, should this change occur.

    That probably won't happen.

    People spread a lot of rumours around, and quite a few of them turn out to be untrue. Like industry "insiders" were sure Ricardo Tisci was going to Versace (didn't happen). They also said Virgil Abloh was going to Givenchy (also didn't happen). The new Dior rumour seems to be another way to make a sensational fashion article.
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  2. I posted the Diorama thread already, but I’m interested to know if Dior prices are cheaper in Paris than Canada/US?

    I want to get another bag. But wondering if I should wait for my trip abroad. Any info/input would be appreciated.

  3. It's 2750 Euros, and you can claim VAT which makes it cheaper than buying it here. However, when you cross back into Canada (if you are from Canada, that is), then customs will slap tax and duty on your purchase since it goes over the value that you can bring back duty free.
  4. Thanks!

    I’ll be coming back to Canada 2 weeks after I purchase it. So I plan on carrying it back in lol..

    Thanks for the info! I want another one so bad. Lol. The 2750 euro is for the small?
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  5. It's for the next size up (bigger than the small).
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  6. Wow, now that I know I’m low key upset I paid as much as I did for the SMALL here. Lol. Because that’s def cheaper. Thanks for the info!
  7. I understand how you feel. I'm from Canada too and we pay so much more here for our designer goods on the account of our weaker dollar and import duties that brands add to the price of their merchandise.

    When our dollar dropped rapidly from parity with the USD a few years ago, designer prices went up over 25%, although my salary didn't increase the same way. Over what was around 2 years of rapid currency devaluation, my purchasing power dropped drastically.
  8. You’re absolutely right. It makes no sense to keep purchasing things here. I got the small Dior I think just under a year ago and it was quite pricey. I never thought about purchasing from abroad until recently.

    Based on what you told me, the large Diorama would be cheaper than what I got my small one for here. And that’s without the 12% VAT return. I don’t think I will be making large purchases here anymore. Hopefully I can make it to the Montaigne location in the new year.

    Everything about Canada is great EXCEPT the shopping.

    Ps: you are def the Dior Guru/ Gawd!
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  9. With regards to designer goods, I find it really dishonest that prices haven’t been reduced post CETA, since European goods which are certified are now duty free into Canada.

    Luckily some honest brands such as Canali have slashed their prices across the board.

    I’m an importer and my clients are benefiting from the agreement but Dior et al haven’t adjusted but rather are simply pocketing a larger profit.
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  10. I didn't know this. I guess they're getting away with it because we still pay for the goods. Why slash costs when business is doing well?

    Hopefully a big media story about this is released and the brands are forced to all lower their prices for Canadians.
  11. One interesting result of the regulation is some companies have been forced to relabel their product origins.

    Even more confusing is that some products are labeled made in Italy in the US market but made in Romania in the Canadian market because of CETA forcing companies to produce actual paperwork to the government about the origin of labour, materials (fabrics, buttons, zippers) in contrast to the historically lax regulations European producers have been faced with.
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  12. This transparency is good! It makes it harder for brands that just assemble products in Italy from materials made elsewhere and claiming the product is made in Italy
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  13. Any idea about price of those rings Dior lovers?

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  15. I am back from Paris, the weather was rainy this weekend and we went shopping. There are more pop up Dior stores in the city. The cruise collection just started appearing in the stores. I didn't see any saddle bag, neither anyone buying anything. The prices are on a higher side. I saw a nice bar jacket in the windows and dropped into the store on rue Montaigne. A nice SA found my size, but the jacket needed some alteration in the waist.
    How the SA started pushing me that they could do it by Sunday ( I was leaving on that day), she said that the stock was very low and a high demand on this bar jacket and I was missing my chance. I mentioned that it would be easier for me to ask my SA in Amsterdam to arrange that jacket. They also invite a tailor ( she works for Dior) to see where the alteration is required.
    But the French SA was very firm in her strategy. She checked the site and said there was no jacket in Amsterdam, Paris never ships out its stuff to other countries. In the end I took the picture of that jacket and its tag. I sent it to my SA in Amsterdam. In 10 minutes he answered me positively.

    By the way the French SA offered me other stuff I was not interested in. I got a feeling that she wanted to sell me, just sell.

    My conclusion is that I will never buy anything in Paris because their service leaves much to be desired. Paris offers a great stock, and that's it.
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