Dior Chat Thread

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  1. The new Joy by Dior ad featuring Jennifer Lawrence:
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  2. I must be getting old. Because all I can think of looking at this - how the wet dress feels cold and sticks to the body... and whether she used sunscreen before lying in the sun...
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  3. Not sure if this is the correct thread. But does anyone have a Dior SA they recommend? I live in Arkansas with no luxury stores close except for a Nordstrom. Please PM me.
  4. Hi, not all mini LD bags come with chain strap. Classic black and also some seasonal colours come with a thin leather strap. I have a seasonal mini LD with a leather strap.
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    My store (heathrow t5) invited a few of us out for dinner in Hutong Shard last night. It was a great fun. Everyone came home with some moon cakes.
    (Most of these photos were taken by youtuber FoodishBeauty. You guys can probably tell the difference in quality as I have zero photography skill)

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  6. Wow! What VIP treatment!!!
  7. They do know how to treat their customers. This is where all my money is going in the foreseeable future :lol:
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  8. I just saw comments on the blog thread that this just presented collection was Maria's last for Dior??
  9. There is no insider source confirming this in the fashion press. There is actually speculation that Kim Jones may take over women's Dior in a few years, but this is just a rumour as well. It is very difficult for one man to design all of Dior's collections (Haute Couture, men's, women's). The point of doing this is to unite Dior under one signature, but given the scope of the brand, it is a difficult task. Changing Dior Homme to just Dior "man" is a step.

    Sales are also increasing under Maria Grazia Chiuri's direction. While some people on the internet keep sharing their dislike of Maria Grazia, sales are showing that the brand momentum is up. Her designs are resonating with new customers to the brand, especially a younger clientele. It would seem silly to lose that momentum by dropping Maria Grazia now.
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  10. I agree! As you know it's hit or miss for me with her, but the things I love, I LOVE.

    I did ask my SA and she said the same about Kim Jones, but they have not received official word about anything "just yet".
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  11. I love that small supple lady dior! How much is it and where did you find it?
  12. Hi Tracey, have you bought any RTW recently?
    I personally haven't bought anything by MGC. It is saving me lots of cash of course but I'm also missing my Dior.
    Saw nice shoes today but the logo ribbon all over them - seriously, how many logos can one carry? I'm not a football player to have logos on each part of my body
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  13. Hi @Sheikha Latifa I have not. Some of the gowns are stunning, but my lifestyle is more rugged/ mountain/ outdoors/ casual. We live 10 min from the ski slopes, so dainty and delicate would not work, nor would kitten-heeled ribbon pumps. I am sure her clothing is amazing for the right person, but that person is not me. I am limited to fashion expression in outerwear (beautiful leather pieces or Moncler), denim, boots that can handle the elements, and handbags. I am not a fan of the spring collection of bags with fabric, logos or tie dye (they remind me too much of Valentino or Times Square - color cacophony really). I am also mid-40s, I do not believe I am the target consumer for most of this anyways :confused1:
  14. Exactly. That is what's annoying me. How did I become persona non-wanted-any-longer at Dior? And who is a better paying customer, mid-20s or mid-40s?
    However, some of the gowns were really beautiful, I agree
  15. After the nightmare of watching Hedi’s debut for Celine, it would be really distasteful for LVMH to replace MGC with Kim Jones. To be a company celebrating female empowerment for a few years now and replace her with a man? I love Kim Jones’ work but would hate to see him burn out by having to design 10 collections a year.

    Also, Soho Dior Homme is closing that location and moving directly next to the women’s store, so yes clearly there’s a unification going on.

    Whether you like MGCs collections or not, she has really diversified the products that Dior offers (and naturally contributed to rising profits). I think her products are more now (yet not too far fetch to be accepted as being Dior). Her vision for the brand have been far more welcoming and not the cold - stuffy Dior from a few years ago.
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