Dior Chat Thread

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  1. Hi, I've bought 3 (MLD, Lady Dior mini and Supply Lady Dior) recently and all 3 are made in Italy. I don't think I saw any LD bags made in France in the last year or so.
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  2. I'm hoping someone here can figure this out for me... I have 2 Dior bags, a Rasta bag and a Gaucho. I also have the authenticity cards for them, but I don't know which authenticity card goes with which bag. (They were left blank, so no dates or anything to go by) The number on one card is 00088562 and the other card is 00932053 Anyone able to help me out? Thanks in advance!!
  3. It doesn't matter which card goes with which bag since they are left blank. They don't match the date codes inside the bag anyway.
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  4. Well that is kind of lame... oh well. Thanks for sorting that out for me!
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  5. Hi everyone! Not sure where to post my question so I thought I would try the chat thread, I have always loved Dior bags but have wandered off to Chanel and Hermes in the last few years, I’ve been looking at the mini lady Dior bags and think they’re super cute, but am not really a huge fan of the chain. Has anyone ever been able to order replacement thin leather strap in the seasonal colour or does anyone know if this may be possible? Thank you kindly!
  6. I waned to ask the experts. I'm thinking about buying a lady Dior. However, I am the type of person who likes small/medium bags with easy access to them. And a secure closure. I think the lady Dior is hard to get your hand into and in the long term this will poison my life and just be a huge pain in the neck. Let me know your thoughts. I love the model, but I am the type of someone who actually uses those bags every day, rotates them, so I don't just want a "pretty" lady Dior to age in my closet...
  7. The small size of the Lady Dior (comes usually in the MyLadyDior style with the customizable badges), the mini size, and the supple medium versions come with an easy-to-access flap closure. It is secure yet easy to get into.
    Dior Lady Dior gunmetal metallic grained calfskin M0575OVMV_M20G_V2_Z.jpg Dior Lady Dior small black lambskin customizable shoulder strap M0532PCAL_M900_V2_Z.jpg
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  8. Hi guys, I recently purchased a vintage Dior Saddle Bag in the Trotter print. Is Dior’s canvas the same as Gucci or LVs canvas where it’s water resistant or has some sort of coating?
  9. Did you get a Saddle bag in coated canvas? Dior made some of them in coated canvas, which is very similar to LV's coated canvas and Gucci Supreme coated canvas. Dior also used cotton canvas and even tapestry for the vintage logo bags, as did Gucci. Unless it is the coated canvas, it is not water-resistant.
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  10. Hi everyone, I recently purchased a diaper bag from Dior. Bought it new from Harrods. It does not seem to have authentication number inside. Do Dior bags don’t come with authentication number sometimes? Thanks in advance!
  11. All Dior bags come with a date code inside. It is usually behind the leather tag/tab inside the bag, but there are styles where the tag/tab is stitched fully onto the lining, or the logo is simply embossed inside the bag (no leather tab). In this case, the date code is on a leather tag sewn into the lining of a pocket or the main compartment.
  12. There is no leather tag sewn into the lining of the pockets either. This bag looks exactly like my diaper bag and it does not seem to have any as well? I’m really curious now

  13. That is strange. There usually is one. It is usually not easy to locate, as it is sewn into the seam of the pocket lining potentially, in any of the pockets in the bag.

    It would look like this (from a different Dior bag):[​IMG]
  14. Thanks averagejoe! It’s this one...


    Any recommendations on how to make it water resistant?
  15. You can spray Scotch-guard on this but it may darken the fabric. It also won't make it fully water-resistant, because the fabric can still absorb moisture when the spray wears off.

    This fabric is not that delicate. As long as you avoid spilling coloured liquids like wine and cola on your bag, the fabric should not stain.