Dior Chat Thread

  1. Welcome back, Jovi! :yahoo: Did you get your Chanel goodies yet? :graucho:
  2. Nope - thats not til the end of March/April .... and its only January!! ARGH!!!
  3. I don't even want to think about April ....time flys too fast already.

    btw how do you like our new chat thread? Nice huh? We can talk about Chanel and anything else without worrying about eggs on our faces. :p

    So which Chanel bag you are lurking for?
  4. Not a Chanel handbag ...... go on guess!!
  5. Hmmmmm a Chanel fishing pole bag? :nuts:
  6. Oh yeah just what a vegetarian needs!! ha!!

    Ok - clues - costs around £2,000+ ................
  7. Ohhhhh I know I know, a Chanel watch! :idea:
  8. D*mmit!! Yeah - black J12, no diamonds .........

    Hey you have been peeking at my wish list!!
  9. Ooooooo :drool: I can't wait till April!!

    Hahaha not your wish list but it's this post in the other thread gave it away: :p

    OMG just peeked at your wish list ...you've got some serious goodies lined up women! :wtf::tup: Why don't I see a Dior in there? :search:...:smash:
  10. Give me time!! Am saving for the Chanel watch - the rest of the money is coming from the money I get when I leave work (redundancy), so need to find another permenant job before I figure out what Dior I want!!

    Love my Dior handbag so unless its the red one at over a £1000, then I havent seen a Dior I want ........ so far!!
  11. No worries Jovi I won't push you hihi. ;) And good luck on your job hunt while you contemplating on the Dior bags.

    btw there is a red Dior that is more than £1000 ...it's £7500 ...:wtf::faint:

    Red Crocodile Lady Dior.jpg
  12. Am sure its made with some exotic skin that I wouldnt touch!! The one I want is this one ........ remember?! But unless its reduced by about 90% I wont be buying it!!

  13. ^I know what you mean about the exotic skin but that color is tdf!

    Yeap I do remember the Dior 61 but just not sure if that's still what you wanted ...reduce by 90% ...on which planet?? :graucho:

    Anyhow the booties you wanted should be on sale now.

  14. Dont tempt me woman!! I also want a pair from Gucci!! But I have a pair of Chanels and Christian Loub ..... ach you know what i mean!! So dont need another pair - after all, I only have 2 feet!!!
  15. Alright alright I will zip it ...:censor::shrugs: