Dior Chat Thread

  1. :lol: You girls are terrible!

    Alright I'm getting a wee drowsy from my pills so I'm off to bed. Night all!

  2. Good night sweetie get well soon:heart:! Tonight I will dream that those hands in black gloves are mine....:graucho:
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: ONE OF THEM is mine nat ...;)

  4. the guy in the tar is extremely spoiled, two hotties like us hitting on him hehehe!
  5. and he will be sick again in the morning hihi....
  6. Should I remind you the Fur Ball's Right?


    "I have a right of all the yummy food you can find for me, and all your time that I can find for you! I don't care if you need to work but if you can afford Dior and any other flirt bags you can afford me. Meow!

    "I have a right of being treated equal ...and quit calling me Fur Ball ...I have a name! :cursing:

    "and as much as you want to talk to me in your language, I have a language of my own: Meow! means I'm hungry; Meow! means I wanna play; Meow! means I need some attention; and Meow! means I love you! Get it?? You really need to practice. Meeeeeooooow :graucho::graucho:

    "I have a right of your attention when you and your friends are trying to have a conversation without me. Meow!

    "I have a right of your daily pamper and I like it when you rub on my forehead, my ears, my neck, and under my chin, hmmmm! And if I'm in a good mood, you can even rub on my belly :nuts:. Meow!

    "I have a right to bite you when we play fight, and you can only let me win. Meow!


  7. OMG Fashion Doctor, so true :roflmfao:!!!! You crack me up girl ! :heart:

    Love the kitty in your post btw
  8. Hugs we the uncurable smitten mommies. :hugs:
  9. You just cant not love them...I just grabbed mine and started kissing him and he scratched me and ran away...:rolleyes:
  10. lol. Sometimes they just make you wonder what you did wrong, don't they?! :confused1::hysteric:

  11. Looks like everything I do is wrong...except for filling up his plate:rolleyes: the bugger woke me up like 10 times today, he is not getting any dinner !:cursing:
  12. No dinner? Oh no! Either he or you are in trouble.... these little buggers are determined not to miss any meals and they are very on time! Mine does all these tricks like making the long Meeeooow with a high pitch in the end, running really fast across the room in front of me, and jumping as high as she can at the corner of the room, etc, etc, until I finally give up. :sweatdrop::cursing:
  13. ooh ahh random chat....

    um .. Nat do you still have your Blingy Paddy?? :drool:
  14. um...yes !!!! :nuts: why?;)
  15. Hallo - happy new year people!!