Dior Chat Thread

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  1. I figured that since Megs and Vlad let the designer subforums have one off topic thread, we shouldnt wait any longer with having one here ! :wlae:

    I suggest we gossip about Mrs Beckham, purchases of other brands, emi´s avatars and everything else that comes to mind here :supacool:!

    Lemme start ...where are you all saying hello to year 2009? Im at home, stuck with my SO and his 10 year old son...I have a lot of good movies and caramel candy ready...maybe some dooleys too:graucho:
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  2. HAHA :roflmfao:

    I'm spending the first day of the new year being sick - gotta run out to get some meds soon :Push:
  3. ^^Bravo! A Dior Chat thread for the New Year! I'm in!!! :yahoo: ....Let me get some food and drinks too ....:popcorn::drinkup::drinks:
  4. ^^I can see how you got sick Emi ...:graucho::graucho:

    jk ...hope you feel better soon!
  5. Sorry to have missed your post earlier Nat. You must be asleep now. Happy belated New Year! I'm at home and I still have one hour to go. How is 2009? ...should I stay in 2008 ...I wish! I don't want to grow anymore! :Push:

    Now on the purchases of other brands, you have some confession to do when you wake up women. :smash:
  6. Happy New Year Dior lovers! :kiss:

  7. aaaaw get better hun:heart: we have been constantly sick at home for like a month now, once I feel better my SO gets the virus, once he is better his son brings some cough and cold from school, then I catch it and its just a neverending story this winter :Push: Hope the meds help you fast!
  8. Yeah I passed out around 3 am here, despite the loud music and some fireworks still...I was so tired after the previous night, I finally brought my cat from home to Denmark and the little mischievous ball of fur kept waking me up every 5 minutes, I will need to have a serious talk with him, mummy needs to go to work and actually function:rolleyes:

  9. by the way, New Year, new avatar...hotness ! :drool:;)
  10. Happy new year to everyone! And thanks FD and Nat for your well wishes. I've been sucking on antibacterial lozenges with cough suppressor agents all day, and my tongue now feels numb. :yucky:

    Gonna load up on my meds later before bed - it'll be fully dope! lol
  11. Hahahaha was wondering when you'd get around to noticing my new 'tar :P ;)

  12. I noticed it right after you changed it m´dear, right after ! :graucho:
  13. Ahhhh the lovely fur ball is finally with mummy again ...no wonder he needs you every 5 minutes. No you cannot go to work! :nogood::nogood:
  14. I noticed it too! Maybe I did not make myself clear...

  15. thats exactly the attitude hes got ! I wonder who is going to pay for his special milk, his dentabits, his fresh meat or fish for dinner and other treats if mummy stays home :rolleyes: pets ! could somebody explai to them that food costs money? ! :sweatdrop: