Dior Charge/Send Purchases

  1. I had called the Dior 1-800 number regarding a charge send for a particular item and the representative directed me to a boutique where I gave payment information. After the call I soon relaized that the sales associate did not ask for my shipping address or contact information. I don't even know the boutique's location or phone number nor the repersenative's name that directed me.

    Would somehow, this may be a stretch, the Dior boutique is able to retreive my shipping address through my credit card?:hysteric:
  2. OT, sorry...but what is the Dior 800#? I've got some complaining to do about a certain manager!
  3. Thats weird..Dior stores ACTUALLY require a copy of your credit card.siggy and ID faxed to them normally-IF its your first order
  4. Yeah.. that is strange.. the first time I ever bought anything, they copied my license and credit card and took down all of my information. I bought my gaucho over the phone recently, but I was already in the computer.
  5. thanks for your responses. i made a prior purchase from the boutique before but I had paid cash so my information is on file but my credit card is not.

    girlsgottoshop the number is 1 800 929 DIOR
  6. When I bought my first Dior it was paid for over the phone and nothing was needed in terms of ID, just card info to do the transaction. Then again I live in the UK so not sure if different in USA.