Dior & Chanel fine jewelry

  1. Does anyone know a place in Georgia that sells Dior fine jewelry or Chanel fine jewelry? I know that Neimans has chanel's costume jewelry & that Saks has a tiny selection of dior's costume jewelry but I can't think of a place that has the fine jewelry! And I really want to see of Dior's fabulous rings in person! Thanks!
  2. Call Chanel and they will send a catalogue to you (call NY or LV locations, not sure about others). Dior in LV might be able to send you one too, not sure about that. I know they carry some of the precious jewelry there.
  3. Is there a free standing Chanel boutique near you? That's usually the only place I see their fine jewelry.
    If there's a piece you're interested in you can call the Beverly Hills/Rodeo store, we were there a few weeks ago and they have an insane selection of fine jewelry.:heart:
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