Dior Chain Bracelet/Lip gloss holder - Yay or Nay?

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  1. Would you guys wear this? It's filled w/ 2 different lip glosses inside... But I'm wondering, wouldn't the glosses melt next to your warm wrist? :huh:

  2. I think it's cute- but what do you do when the lip gloss run out- are there refills?
  3. Im not loving the concept at all !!
  4. I saw it at NM in Fashion Island. It was SUPER cute, but VERY heavy!
  5. I saw it in the Sephora catalouge, thought it was kinda cool, then decided it was dumb.
  6. USCgerl, is the bracelet "one size"?
  7. Saw it the other day, wasnt too impressed. I like the dice better :biggrin:
  8. Nay!
  9. Yes, what do you do when it runs out? Do you just end up with the empty bracelet?
  10. Yeah it was one size. I have a small wrist and it fit mine. My friend is tall and thin but it barely fit her wrist. And yes when it runs out it runs out! I think people buy it to collect the Doir pieces more than to use/wear it. But hey to each their own!
  11. I think you just end up with the empty bracelet... I love the dice far more.
  12. I also vote nay. Seems kinda pointless if there are no refills.
  13. I have the other Dior "special edition" lip glosses that are like dog-tags with crystals that spell out Dior. Those are cute. But this bracelet concept is kinda hard to use...

    The bracelet is on the smaller side and I actually had a hard time getting it off me when I tried it on. I know some people refill the empty gloss with lipstick--I guess that's an option or way to keep using the item.
  14. Hmm, where do you get the lipstick refills?

    I think the lack of refills wouldn't bother me as much as the meltiness factor. I still remember keeping my chapstick in my jeans pocket back in junior high and having it melt. Maybe I have a hot body or something
  15. Um, that came out wrong :smile: