Dior Cannage Messenger...............has Anyone Seen A Celeb Carrying One?......pics?

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  1. Hello.

    Has anyone seen any celebs carrying the Dior Cannage messenger bag? Or maybe any of the Dior Cannage bags?

    Pics would be great or celeb names, then I could research pics. I am calling call of my Dior girls to help (please) on this one! I have looked...and looked...and found nothing so far.

    Thank you so much! :heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. i remember a picture of a celebrity carrying a cannage drawstring bag in the celebs & their diors thread. but for the messenger, i don't think i've seen any.

    alright, here's what i found,

    one of the fugsen with her drawstring cannage (as posted by MayDay)

    celine dion with her cannage (posted by prada prince)
  3. Hello Zerodross,

    Thanks! I have seen these pics though, but thank you so much! I am hoping someone has seen a celeb wearing it and am very curious to see if any celebs carry other Dior Cannage bags as well.

    Thanks though! Happy 4th.