Dior Cannage Large Shopper

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  1. Hey all... am new around here and really really need your help..
    Am planning on buying the Dior Cannage Large Shopper.. does anyone have any thoughts on it?
    I want something that is functional and can be used a LOT!And i want to buy something that i don't want to be sick of soon...
    I love the bag in black...please help......
  2. anyone?
  3. [​IMG]

    this one?
    i never liked it untill i saw it at the store. its huge! and it just looked TDF in real life!! you should definately try it on at the store before buying it though:smile:
  4. yup and you might want to do a search on "cannage shopper" on the dior boards, i think there's a few threads where PFers with cannage shopper have given their opinions about it.

    and i second Su's advice about trying it out in store before purchasing it, it's one of those bags that look great on the shelf but the minute you hang one on your shoulder, it can be a whole different story. :yes:
  5. Thanks... I actually love the feel of the leather..
    I don't like the drawstring style of bags at all so thought this might be a good alternate... but am just confused..i really do need a good black bag!
  6. ^ actually perspectiveinc, you might want to pop into the stores to see the other styles the cannage line comes in - there's the cannage messenger which is very roomy and perfect for daily use (it's the same buttery soft leather too).


    there's also the cannage frame bag (in the prefall collection which fashion guru posted a picture of in her thread)


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  7. I don't care too much for the frame bag but I do like the messenger a lot...thanks!
  8. i luv the messenger too! how much is it?
  9. all so cute, but really like the first large tote. price?
  10. I haven't seen the messenger yet.. is it out yet? checked at neiman marcus and they didn't have it...
    but utility-wise, am tilting towards the cannage shopper again..my only fear is that..i hope its not really big, you know like those ugly-big bags.....
    has anyone seen it in the store or used them?
    I only saw it online and fell in love...