dior cannage hobo

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  1. i was browsing dior website and saw this nifty little thing up on the online boutique.

    so what are your thoughts on this? the leather looks really slouchy soft to me and i think i do prefer this over the drawstring cannages, but i wonder how the leather feels.

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  2. I saw it in the Dior Store about two weeks ago. The leather is super soft. I think it may be lamb?? Feels very nice to the touch. I like it better than the drawstring bag. Worth checking it out. I really like it.
  3. I agree. I'm not too keen on it.
  4. It's cute! I like.
  5. I love this bag!! It's much nicer than the drawstring one.
    The leather is soft and buttery but still structured, I really love the hobo in pink aswell :heart:
  6. I really like it! It's got a nice, fresh shape, and I haven't seen it around at all
  7. cute cute cuteeee:P
  8. foxy_chao, you're right! it's lambskin! just like the other cannage drawstrings!

    i'm undecided about this, i like that it's more structured than the drawstring (i can see myself carrying this more than the drawstring) but i don't know, something about that flap is not doing it for me.

    i guess i'll pop down to dior soon and see if they have it in stores. (and also check out if they have the croc skin gauchos available!)
  9. wowsers, just saw a lady dior tote in black lambskin. very slouchy as compared to the structured lady diors that i've seen. it looks quite cute and more like the new cannage line.


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  10. Hmmm...I'm not loving either of these bags...???
  11. I have the cannage drawstring bag. I really like it except if you put too much stuff in it it gets out of shape. So, you have to be careful what you load up in the big thing. But, it looks really cute with the boots.
  12. more updates on dior online!

    01. dior lovely small tote bag in white - 375 pounds
    02. dior lovely shopping bag in white - 525 pounds

    i was browsing it on the computer in school just now and i spotted a pink one too but it's now gone. very strange. that said, the picture of monica bellucci with the lady dior is stunning! i think she's perfect as the new face of dior.

    can't say i'm a fan of the dior lovely bags. :sad:

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  13. LOL! WHOA! Did they have to write "Monica Bellucci is wearing..." with such a large font size?!!?!?

    Thank you so much for posting these pics!!!

    I don't like these bags that much at the moment either. But they are better than their awkward Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer'07 bags from the runway...I wish those NEVER appear at stores, except for the clutches.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    i guess they wanted everyone who signed up to be on their mailing list to know for sure that it is definitely monica bellucci and that is definitely a lady dior. but then, i can't blame them, because i completely didn't see those words... the kind of effect monica bellucci and a lady dior has on me. ;)

    :yes::yes: about those bags. i'm hoping a trip to dior to see them in real life would change my mind. i'm getting withdrawal symptoms just not buying a bag since... uhm.. last week?!!?!? hehehe, the sort of effect tpf has had on me!

    i'm on a love/hate relationship with those s/s 07 bags - one first look it's an utter turn off, but on second viewing i start to think galliano's a genius, and then the cycle repeats. but the clutches, i'd have to agree, are lovely! dior's making clutches that are tdf - the cruise collection metallic strap clutches, and the s/s 07 clutches.. ahhh. the cruise collection clutches are retailing for about $1300 (it's 10,300 HKD when my mom called up the dior in HK for me).