Dior Cannage Flat Boots-HELP Finding Them...

  1. Ok....so last week I got these Dior Cannage? boots....(pic below) from NM for around $460. Today I went to the Dior store at Short Hills, NJ and found the flat version of it. It was on sale ($600+)and she found me a pair in black at another store. Now....I KNOW i found it much cheaper online, but I cant find the Saks link or NM link. I know its probably sold out online, but I need the item # so I can at least call customer service to locate it.
    I know $600 is a good deal for them, but it makes me mad that I know I found them cheaper and can probably get them cheaper if I just try. lol Plus I cant find any flat boots that I like and that go up my big calves.
    Im going to order the ones from the Dior store just in case I cant find them. Hopefully someone has the link. Ashakes probably does lol HELP! lol
    Thanks everyone!
    Here is what the one with the heel looks like....
    I think its called Cannage.
  2. Im no help, but I love those boots!
  3. Anyone? :crybaby:
  4. Not much of a help but I've also been trying to locate a pair of Dior cannage flat boots myself... I've called Saks last week and spoke to a customer service online and apparently all their stores are sold out of this item.
  5. The Christian Dior boutique in Short Hills Mall has some brown ones. The lady located a pair of black ones for me. Im waiting for her to call back.
    It makes me mad because I cant find the Saks link to them. I dont want to pay close to 400 more than I have to. I have a feeling im going to have to.
  6. Im out of luck. The shoe the Dior lady found me was damaged!
    So if ANYONE finds a black pair please pm me!
  7. thnx for the info Stinas . Dior site has them (but black in leather) . From what i was told, Dior site won't have online purchasing until march sometime. Hopefully they'll have the boots still (in black suede) and you would still want them. :smile: In the meantime...good luck in finding those black ones.
  8. See pic below, is this the one you are looking for? Sorry I don't have the item # but I think I saw them on bluefly a little while back. I'd check just in case. I saved the pic from NM since I have the full leather one. Good luck!
    dior boots in suede 1025.jpg
  9. Hey Stina. Sorry I don't have the link. :sad: I tried to look for it via google, but was not successful. However, I'm not very internet savvy so hopefully somebody finds them for you. Did you try calling a Saks store to see if they can help? They could look in their Dior lookbook.
  10. I need to call. I googled it over and over again but no luck either.
    Im going to call a bunch of stores and even talk to my SA at Neimans to see if he can find it for me on Monday.

    Yes! This is it in leather!
    Im going to call saks to see what is left in stock.

    All sold out :sad:
    I guess there is always next year.
  11. The DIor Boutique in Beverly Center, LA has them!!