Dior Cannage Drawstring - Stitching !!

  1. I've only had my Dior Cannage Drawstring for a few months, had it out maybe a dozen or so times and been very careful with it, storing it in the dustbag when not in use. This morning I noticed the stitching is coming apart.

    I'm always reading on these forums about how great designer bags are, how the workmanship, stitching etc is second to none. I'm more than a bit peeved.

    Will the whole bag unravel, it's covered in stitches :confused1:

    Has anyone else had problems with this bag?
  2. Hi AudreyII!!!

    Oh the stitching doesn't usually come off easily on Dior's bags. With wear, sometimes a small area of stitching gets nicked and pulled at, so it may come loose. I had a Dior a while ago that had a bit of loose thread, but it never affected the bag in any way and it didn't unravel (which I was afraid was going to happen).

    If the look of it bugs you, then I suggest taking the bag to Dior and asking them if they can repair it. Otherwise, your bag will last wonderfully even though one or two areas has loose threads.

    Just out of curiousity...is the thread coming loose from the cannage embroidery or the structural stitching of the bag?
  3. Hi MayDay, the problem is the stitching at the top of the bag holding 2 bits together has come loose. 2nd problem is my bf bought the bag when he was in the states last year. i don't even think Dior is sold anywhere in Scotland. I'm just a little scared to use it now in case it gets worse :sad:
  4. Hi AudreyII,

    I don't have a cannage, but I've previously brought in my trotter romantique to dior to get them to dry clean it and according to the dior in manchester, even though i didn't buy the bag from that specific boutique, they can always take it in and fix/clean it by sending it back the good ole mothership (paris). in any case, try to ring up the nearest dior to you (i know the english branches are in birmingham, manchester and london, and i'm sure nat can fill you in on the branches in ireland) and see if there's anything they can do about it.

    good luck!
  5. Hmmm...doesn't sound like it will come apart at all! If it bothers you, I suggest what Zerodross said :biggrin:. And if it does fall apart (and it shouldn't), and you are in a rush to use it, take it to a leather shoe cobbler and ask them if they can fix it for you.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts, i'm thinking now I overreacted, i've put it away for now, now that the spring might have finally arrived, i've got some lighter bags I think i'll use for a while.