Dior Cannage Drawstring.....small/mini size.......anyone have any info on this size?

  1. Hello,

    I have been searching and searching to no avail....Has anyone ever seen the Dior Cannage Drawstring bag within the small/mini size (see pics below). One of the big differences is the slip pocket inside, instead of a zip pocket that the medium/larger sized drawstring bags have.

    • Does anyone know a retailer that sells this size? (could you provide the link, please)
    • How much does it sale for?
    • Anyone have the stock Dior pic of this bag?
    Thank you within advance for your assistance. best wishes!


  2. I saw a black patent leather small cannage that my friend got in London, but her one had a zipped inside pocket so I'm not sure if it's the same bag you are asking about. Her one was 525 pounds.

    I attached a pic of her one from the Dior site.
  3. i saw this in black and purple satin in vegas 2 months ago. around 700? i think
  4. Pictured 1. vinyl, 2. nylon, note mini nylon in pic 3 has open pocket:

    There is both a small and mini, the mini seems to have the open pocket and there is a price difference of a few hundred dollars between the two.

  5. Hello,

    Thank you so much for all of your help!

    Ultimatechic, could you provide a link to where you found the pink one....it seems to be the closest to mine, even having the little slip pocket inside.

    How odd that my little leather one can't be found anyhwhere. Maybe it came out sometime ago, before the medium size did? Does anyone remember my size in leather?

    Thank you so much for all of your help! :love:
  6. I went to dior.com shop online uk as I find they have a really good range there.

    There is large, medium, small and mini. The mini seems to be the only one with the open pocket.

    I wouldn't be too concerned if you can't find that exact style.

    Remember my gaucho, couldn't find my exact style anywhere (found the hobo and mini) but it was definitely manufactured :okay:
  7. Hello Ultimatechic,

    I agree, the Dior website under the Uk section has a great selection...I did this prior to posting the thread, but didn't see my mini/small cannage drawstring there....hmmm...

    can you tell me how much does my mini/small one retail for on the website (in GDP or US dollars).

  8. Small cannage £525 Mini cannage £365 just doube the amounts for estmiate in US$
  9. also remember that UK online prices are a bit higher than in the boutiques ...i paid for my tote online 1300 € , while the price in the boutique was 1100 €.
  10. really when i purchased my romantique at Dior it was £245 the same as it is on-line!

    And i was going to buy the logo saddle and the price is the same as it is on-line.

    Maybe different for overseas
  11. Yeah like Australia, rip off :crybaby:

  12. but then Ireland is just round the corner, the difference was too big IMHO.:confused1:

  13. i think you should move countries, chic, it would work out so much cheaper for you in the end ! ;)

  14. Ireland uses Euro's right??

    thats probs the reason!

  15. nope i checked the exchange rate and all, Dior is simply cheaper in Ireland, looks like it.