Dior Cannage boots $995

  1. I got the the dior cannage boots in black and brown. The browns were easy to purchase got from Saks, but the black were so hard to find, sold out so fast in the dior stores. I called around and finally found a pair at Dior in Oahu. I just love these boots, what do you all think of them?
  2. Can you post some pictures?;)
  3. I'm interested as well to see some pictures.. they sound hot ! :graucho:
  4. here some pics, this truly is the ultimate boot for winter. I have few michael kors and gucci boots, and I find I wear these dior boots the most. let me know what you think:yes:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  5. They are really nice.
  6. Very cute - I like them in brown a lot!! (of course, the black are nice too!) :smile:
  7. I love boots, and those are very, very hot looking. Congratulations.
  8. i love the black--smokin' hot
  9. Love both of them~:drool: