Dior boxes

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  1. I decided to buy a box for my saddle (since she came to me only in her dustbag), where can I find one? I know boxes are counterfeited too, how do I spot the genuine one?

  2. Where did you buy your bag? Go back to the store and ask for one. Or wait until you buy the next bag and ask the store give you another box. :yes:
  3. i agree with foxy, it's best to just get one from the boutique themselves. you can always ring them up and ask for it and they would mail it to you. i bought my lady dior wallet in a hurry (since i had a train to catch) and i left without checking if everything was in order. needless to say when i got back and could examine the wallet proper, i realised it came without the authenticity card. since i'm an hour's train ride from the dior boutique, i just rang them up and asked for one and they simply mailed it to me (received it the next day!).

    best for you to ring up your nearest dior (or the one where you purchased it from).

    if you're looking for a geniune box on eBay, i'm not so sure, but it's good to look at the font of the "Dior" on the box. the white paper material of the box also has a very subtle pebbled effect on it and the box is VERY heavy & sturdy (well as compared to the chanel boxes i have).
  4. I bought my Dior from eBay and it was used, so I don't want to ring up a boutique, also because I think they will ask you purchase details, which I obviously don't have. So the best thing is eBay again
  5. might be worth a shot to ring up dior no less. i rang up manchester dior and just said i bought a wallet for them, didn't give any more details than merely saying i bought a wallet from them, and they just asked for my address and promptly sent me the authenticity card. i'm not sure if other diors are so flexible with giving out boxes, but i'm headed to dior tomorrow so i'll ask the SA and see what comes out of it. hopefully my favourite SA would be in store tomorrow!
  6. Hi Mary!

    Ebay is good for boxes although they are incredibly overpriced for something that you get for free. Plus shipping charges can be quite high, too.

    I'd call the Dior boutique, too!
  7. Just giving out authenticity cards like that seems strange.
  8. It does sound weird, but I know that their main concern isn't people taking their authenticity card to sell fakes. Rather, their focus is customer service. They want you to come back to buy their stuff :smile:.
  9. not sure, try and acutal Dior store.
  10. :yes::yes:
    and the authenticity card they sent me wasn't like those of a bag (although i'm not sure if the cards for the bags are similar to those for wallets). it's the same on the front - "Christian Dior" but on the back it just says they guarantee it's made of the highest standards, etc etc.

    maybe it was because when i rang them up it was the same SA who i bought the wallet from, who answered and i think she remembered.
  11. did you find one?
  12. I still haven't had time to ask...I was in Florence yesterday and there was a Dior boutique, but I hadn't my saddle with me and didn't want to go inside with my coccinelle bag and ask for a box and authenticity card. I was very casual dressed too, so I was afraid they would have looked at me in a very weird way