Dior Boutique vs. Dior Outlet

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  1. Has the fact that many Dior items go to outlet stopped you from buying from the boutique?
  2. nope. There's always bargains around. Chanel, Gucci and many other brands go on sale too but that doesnt stop anyone from buying full retail price. Besides the classics (not in seasonal colors) dont go on sale.
  3. nopes.. hasn't stopped me either..
  4. ^ well said jeslyn, i absolutely agree.
  5. no it hasnt...and then you ahve to remember if you really want something you have no guarantee that you will be actually able to find exactly what you want in the outlet...so i usually buy in the boutique:graucho:
  6. it has for me:roflmfao: well sort of. Depends on if I really want the item but here in otown 9 times out of 10 the dior outlet just so happens to get the item I had been feening for in the boutique.
  7. not at all. i don't have a dior outlet near me so i'm often @ the boutique, which they have sale items as well sometimes. but if i'm really loving something not on sale i splurge! all depends on which pieces i'm craving i guess because i do call my SA at the orlando outlet to keep me updated.
  8. Actually I tend to find that the ones I really want never make it to the outlet :crybaby:

    (but I only buy Dior shoes, not the bags)