Dior Boutique Sales

  1. I need honest opinions are these clogs please! (And respective prices in the US?)
    BA90428A-B4A0-4EEE-BA1A-1B101DA93FFE.jpeg BC2C27A7-AF3A-4ED2-AE40-469F6375737E.jpeg
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  3. Me too! I think it’s the seam that runs in the centre that got me!
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  4. I think they look so easy to wear. I don't know what the US price is, but they are on sale at the moment at Dior boutiques (I believe).
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  5. I need to go and try them again.
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  6. They are listed as €790 on the French site.
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  7. I wonder if that’s the original price.
  8. Does anyone know if they anywhere still has those black flats with the fold hearts??? I love them!!!!
  9. They went on sale US 500+ I tried them on but the strap didn't stay up on my heel and there is no way to adjust the strap.
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  10. Agreed. (Also they ran out of my size. Lol which made decision making very easy.)