Dior Boutique Sales

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  1. Sorry to bug anyone with pics of sale fashion jewellery .. TIA!!

  2. There were like 5 items of jewelry in my store. Sorry I didn’t take pics of the jewelry or the silks.
  3. I actually went a little crazy for the sale. I got several pair of shoes and a pair of pants from the sale rtw.
    F84AC2A8-43A6-4378-8FA9-3A54BCEAF626.jpeg C9D6C6C0-2272-4BE0-A38C-CD6E85E971E4.jpeg 73027C65-12E1-463C-92EC-B2C15586F9F9.jpeg 39BFBB9C-874F-415B-B85E-4B800C855A06.jpeg
  4. I love your new shoes!
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  5. Thank you!! I had a ball trying everything on!
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  6. No problem Thanks for replying
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  7. I love the slingbacks here..can i ask for the SA pls? Tia! ❤❤❤
  8. Saw these in store today at Dior, Saks, Miami. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  9. Do dior boutiques in Canada go on sale? TIA.
  10. Yes the Dior concessions held sales on some costume jewelry pieces and scarves. The boutique in Vancouver had shoes on sale as well.
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  11. Thank you. I got the shoes on sale from holt so was wondering if boutiques would! ;)
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  12. Can I get a sales associate for the door boutique? Also how much were the heart flats?
  13. $790 then 50% off. PM me and I’ll send you my SA information
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  14. Sent you a PM