Dior Boutique Sales

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  1. Hi all,

    I apologize if there is already a thread for this but incident located it. I was wondering if anyone had any information of when the sales will start in the Dior boutiques?
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  2. Wait, Dior has sales? Do they have sales on bags too or just accessories?
  3. Not sure, I asked a sales associate before but she hasn’t mentioned anything and said they only tell them a few days ahead. They get a list of what’s on sale.
  4. I have never been to a Dior sale but I have heard that on rare occasions they have one but are very discreet about it. I heard they put some seasonal shoes and RTW on sale. I Also read that items were 30-40% off and final sale. I think seasonal bags end up at the outlets some time later and classic bags never go on sale. I imagine others on TPF might chime in with first hand experience. I am mainly into classic Dior bags so probably wouldn't find it very fun anyway!
  5. I’m looking for shoes and costume jewelry.
  6. I was at the Dior boutique in Toronto yesterday. The sale associate mentioned that the sale will happen very soon. It will be 50% off for RTW and some accessories.
  7. Hmmm no shoes? RTW includes men’s too right? So what collections?
  8. Yes they do have sales. Last summer they had the Cruise 2017 on sale (the collection done by the design team prior to Maria’s first collection. Then they had a sale last December (I think or at least around that) and it was mostly Maria’s Pre Fall 2017 collection. Usually they’ll have a window for sale just for VIP clients then they open it to the public.

    My SA mentioned that there may not be a sale this season as he believes there aren’t enough products but he’s not 100% sure yet.

    The sale usually is 50% off (I can’t remember if shoes were less discount)...but I’ve seen ready to wear, fashion jewelry, sunglasses, silk, shoes (never seen handbags go on sale in the boutiques).
  9. I believe if there will be a sale, it will be Winter 2017 and Cruise 2018 collections.
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  10. Thank you! I have been eyeing some booties!
  11. The department stores will have limited shoes on sale. That's how I got my Fusions on sale.
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  12. Has there been an update yet as to when the sale will begin?
  13. No just spoke to the SA and they said sometime this month.
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  14. My SA sent me photos of some shoes sales. 40% off. :idea:
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  15. Dior shops in Hong Kong started the sale on 1 June, with 40% off on RTW , shoes and accessories.