dior boutique sales

  1. 50% off the following lines:


    vintage logo

    st germain

    leather saddles, denim embroidered saddle

    evening saddle

    evening frame


    GAUCHO!!! (denim, red, veau colors only) red/veau i saw: totes, saddle, one w/ the strap but not the handheld tote

    i took pix w/ my cell will post soon
  2. wow ! i am so jealous! why is it that the sale in aus is never good as the one in america ! its not fair :sad:
  3. this is the sales items of dior in SF off stockton.

    there are vintage logos/more rebelles i didnt photograph as i dont care for those much.

    the stock in bloomingdales is much much more. they said they had quite a few gauchos and stuff like detective/vintage logo. but i didnt take pix there cuz there are too many ppl there

    in bloomingdales theres a very cute teal velvet evening frame bag. i wouldve bought but i dont think i would use it much =/

    oh yes btw it is FINAL SALE if you buy from bloomies... just fyi

    im a bad bad girl according to my bf i am "bcbg" (bag crazy bad girl)
    diorsale1.jpg diorsale2.jpg diorsale3.jpg diorsale4.jpg
  4. First post!
    Hahaha getting my friend to get me the gaucho in NY.
    Hopefully she'll be able to grab one for me!
  5. thanks for the info! where is this from? and how much was the GAUCHO? hehehehe
  6. my post above says these pix were take from the SF boutique off of stockton street.

    the pricing is valid across all dior boutiques. i saw the deals/steals thread that it is valid at Saks as well.

    it depends on the pricing of the gauchos to begin with. what i mean is, the price seems to have gone up. for example medium gaucho on eluxury (and according to other pfers in deals/steals) goes for 1550. but mine rang up as 1395 less 50%.

    i saw the totes priced in SF at 1550 (but new pricing is 1690 from what i gathered in deals/steals)

    good luck

  7. yes, correct about everything above!

    my tote rang up as $845 ( with original price being $1690.00), had I gotten it in SF, it would have saved me $70 IF I was able to get the old price of $1550.00. But, its okay..I am buzy with finals and dont have time to go to union square and esp not with the massive crowds on the weekends :d Plus, Its not a final sale..so I have the option of returning the bag should I change my mind!
  8. Pink!! Do you know if the St Germain is still 50% off?? I bought one from NM (the larger size) I think it was only 30 % off. Do you happen to know the price of the St. Germain?? TIA.
  9. yup it is still 50% (until they sell out i guess?) i would ask NM if they would do a price match. or else... i would just return it and buy another at 50% cuz that extra 20% off is a lot of money to me

    sorry i don't know the prices of st. germain as i was not that interested in that line. but you can call the stores if you like. im not sure if there is anything like the gauchos ringing up at 'old' vs 'new' prices
  10. I just called SF boutique to check for the St. Germain bag. They had the black available for $600. That is such a deal. I paid way more than that. Thanks for letting such a great steal pink!
  11. omg, how much is that blue gaucho? the one in the middle kind of lying flat? and the mini detective?
  12. thats the medium saddle 697 + tax. not sure about mini detective.. i'd rec calling to find out :smile:
  13. I purchased the Tote and the Medium Gaucho bag at increased price (1550, 1690) at Saks....

    Do you think they will give me a price adjustment?

    Also is the rest of the Dior boutique all at the old price? 1395 for Medium and 1550 for Tote??
    Or just the SF store?? Do they ship?

    Thank you ladies soo much!!!
  14. I just went to SF Boutique in Stockton. They don't have a lot left. I didn't see any Medium Gaucho so I had to go to Bloomingdales SF. The price of medium is $1550 minus 50% and plus tax came out to be $840.