Dior Beige Trotter Romantique Heart Flap Bag

  1. OMG what do you do when you have bought a Brown Trotter Romantique Flap Bag with the heart padlock, and they go and release a new beige coloured one in a similar style in a baby PINK leather detail (Beige Sweet Trotter Romantique Heart Flap Bag)!?

    Originally I was going to buy the beige Trotter but after ordering and seeing the two colours in the store I decided I wanted the brown one instead as the grey suede didn't seem to go so well with the bag. I kinda thought to myself what if they release a pink coloured version of the bag i will be gutted! And what happens? I visit Dior's web site today and I see what is my most shocking moment a beautiful Beige Trotter Romantique with the pink detail and heart padlock!

    What should I do!!?

  2. did u buy the wrong colour ? where did u buy it from hun ?:shrugs:
  3. Take it back to Dior and swap it out.
  4. can you still swap it ? if not maybe sell the brown one on eBay and fund the new one this way ? or ( mischievous grin ) keep both ?:yes:
  5. hehehe nat! you're definitely playing devil's advocate.

    as for brendating, you can definitely bring it back to dior for an exchange. :yes: if they don't have the new trotter romantique in stores yet (since i noticed on the site they said it'd take 2-6 weeks to ship), try asking for a store credit. as far as i know they should be able to give you a store credit that's good for a month (?). or just tell them that you want to do the swap and that you can collect the new romantique bag whenever it arrives.

    good luck! and please do post pictures of your new bag! it'd be a real treat to see those new pink-trimmed trotter romantique bags!
  6. zerodross just posted some photos. Is the pink one she posted want you wanted? It's cute, but I think the brown may look better. Can you post a photo of what you have? :yes:
  7. hmmm foxy_chao, i think this should be the one brendating bought.

    i nearly bought this myself (the small sized one) from NM, well that was until they totally fudged up my order. :sad: i guess it's for the better now that the new one looks pretty cute.
    trotter brown.jpg

  8. ooo, I like it. It's sexy. Wasn't this your old icon? ;)
  9. I'd keep both...

    My fave SA in Waikiki sent me a bunch of new pics from the Trotter Romantique line in pink, Ill upload them to my photobucket tomorrow and post!
  10. OOOoo I didn't know I will get so many replies so soon! Thanks guys!! I guess I was having a heat of the moment thing when I first saw that pink heart bag. I have since then calmed down now after my shower. :smile:

    Anyway answering all your questions, no I didn't really buy the wrong colour, the first lot of heart padlock trotters were released for Autumn/Winter 2006 where I saw that photo (which zerodross has kindly inserted this image for me!) in the catalogue, which I ordered straight away as soon as I saw it but in the beige version. When the beige bag arrived at the store I was lucky to have been able to see the brown version too in person in which I bought instead as the beige one was not what I had expected to be (the brown suede details on the small beige wallets is actually grey/cream in colour on the beige flap bags). I thought the brown one was absolutely gorgeous! I have even bought the brown matching wallet too!

    Nah I don't think Dior will allow me to swap this bag considering I have already used it already! Plus I don't want to either. :p

    I guess they sell the small and larger sized trotter flaps in America?? We only have the one choice in the UK and thats the one with the longer straps? I wouldn't mind the pink heart one in a smaller size but I doubt they will have that in the UK.

    Cool Babydoll can u upload them as soon as possible I cant wait to see them!

    I am not sure whether I should buy this bag too considering it is the same bag as mine in a different colour really?! I was actually going to buy a Miu Miu Bow Satchel in off-white, should I buy this or that...?!?!?!? Choices choices ummmm........! :confused1:

  11. Hi Brendating,

    they do have the smaller size trotter romantique flaps (in brown) here in the uk! i saw the small & "large" ones side by side at the dior in manchester when those bags were first launched. however, by the time december/christmas time rolled by, i reckon the large ones were all sold out since all i saw were the small trotter flaps in the dior branches in london (sloane street & harrods). :yes:

    by the way, there's another variant of these trotter flaps too - one that is in brown with cannage quilting rather than the dior monogram. i think they came out around the cruise collection time.

    i don't know if this helps, but you could try ringing up (or better yet, go to the store itself) the SAs at dior to enquire if they have the new pink romantique flaps available, since the SAs would definitely have a catalogue of the new lines with the prices. when i asked the SA in manchester about the mink trotter romantique, she showed me a peek of the catalogue and they do came in small/large sizes, just that if the store doesn't have it, you could always get them to bring it in. ;)

    oh and i'm attaching pictures of the new pink trotter romantique lines that i found off the website.
    trotter romantique boston bag (pink beige).jpg trotter romantique flap bag (pink beige).jpg trotter romantique coin case (beige pink).jpg trotter romantique long wallet (beige).jpg
  12. heh, yup it was! that advert of those heart lock trotter romantiques was very sexy indeed. :yes:
  13. Hey Zerodross!

    I thought you were in America!? Really? You saw the small and large trotter flaps in Manchester? You mean the small one as in the picture of the brown one you first posted? Cus I actually ordered that one from the small little autumn/winter '06 brochure and when it arrived (long wait!) in October I didn't realise it was a large version of the bag with the long shoulder straps until I got home!! I called up the manchester store anyways and asked them how come it is different from the catalogue and they said it was because they only do the large size and the small one is probably available in another country?!

    Thanks for attaching those pics! I didn't know how to copy those pics off the web site!!

  14. heh, nah i'm in the uk, sheffield actually!

    i saw the 2 flaps side by side sitting real prettily when i was in the manchester store some time in october or november maybe? the SA there (laura) even asked if it was the small one i was looking for when i enquired about the prices for the mink trotter romantique flaps and she showed me the pictures of the 2 in their catalogue (which had tinny tiny pictures of the bag and a whole chunk of information below the pictures). since then, i've seen those small ones on display at the london branches. i guess if you're getting your dior from manchester (like i am), the stock there does tend to be limited (i was all ooohs and ahhhs when i was at the sloane street dior). the small flap was also on sale for USD$707 on the Neiman Marcus site but they seem to have a habit of fudging up orders from overseas (non-us), so meh. :sad:

    speaking of which, to get pictures from the website, just press the "print screen" button on your keyboard. then open up a program like paint and press "ctrl + v". it should automatically let you paste the image off the webpage. you can then just save the image and upload it here on the board. :yes:
  15. Lol, my bf who shipped me the bag is from Hull, zerodross! :smile: