dior beauty confidential

  1. Ive just purchased the New Dior LTD edition Beauty Confidential and omg its brilliant.
    I purchase all the limited edition items but this one is just uber cute! It has a message written into the blusher/bronzer style powder and when you look into the mirror you read it properly. Its the address of the flagship? store in paris i think.
    Its soooo brilliant
    ahh just to share xx
  2. oooo it sounds fab!! i'm going to buy one too:yes:
  3. I got the new CD limited edition bronzer and blush/face compact (the ones in the brown compacts with CD on the front). I am loving them both. The bronzer is gorgeous, which is a rareity for my very fair skin!
  4. Is it a package set they are selling? Are they doing a gift with purchase? That is the line I use.:love:
  5. it's quite a very heavy compact to carry around, i have to leave it at home! i wonder why it's so heavy... =)
  6. ooh cute! i have yet to see it in stores...its not the one that looks like and enveloppe is it?
  7. yer it is the envelope one and yer it is heavy but i dont really notice it
  8. the trouble with powder and lip gloss in the same compact is that the powder dusts over the sticky gloss :sad: i dunno how to avoid that... gucci girl gg, does that happen to your confidential?
  9. i've seen that one!! very cute. i'd never want to use it, but just look at it for fun LOL :heart: dior!
  10. YES the lipgloss gets ruined by the powder! it happened in my dior girly compact and i was sooooooo angry becuase i loved that one :sad:
  11. so excited, just found one to buy tomorrow! yah!
  12. i got it today.
    it's really beautiful.:tup:
  13. Is this the one with the black exterior and black / silver heart??? Please let me know??? That is the only one in aus right now....
    LOVE dior and I also collect all the limited edition makeup... bought a whole new case of dior last year in Dubai for a STEAL.... LOVE IT!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  14. I was having a hard time deciding between the Dior Play or the Dior Beauty Confidential, and I am going with the Confidential. Little worried about the ruined gloss comments, it's silly to spend that much for names isn't it? But I love them anyways. LOL Found the Dior play on Ebay, and of course it's super expensive. Going with Sephora. :love:
  15. i love it.....