Dior ballet flats

  1. I have been searching for the black/grey buckle Dior ballet flats and can't find anyone with stock. Especially in my 9.5/10 size. Any recommendations?
  2. Do you mean the gaucho flats?

    Theyre available on eluxury.com
  3. I believe that's the style name, but they also come in a pewter/black leather combo or brown leather (on line in brown with rafeallo network, but not my 9.5/10 size).
  4. They're long gone here in Germany. I bought mine in May and they're so comfy! Did you try the Dior online shop?
  5. tanja they are still available...i bought my dior gauchos last week.....but i have to admit that i was on the waiting list for almost 3 months :smile:
  6. msquan .. try european boutiques
  7. You mean they may have the black Dior gaucho flats in European Dior boutiques? I've been looking for the black for so long and never found them. Eluxury used to have them in white too but they sold out so fast.
  8. I don't really like them or the gaucho line.I think it's too modern for my taste...