Dior Bag- Like???!

  1. :rolleyes: [​IMG]I dont normally buy Dior-BUT I saw this on Eluxury and it was only(!!!) 760-..What do you think of it???
  2. I kind of like it for fall. Kind of dark for spring/summer though. ;)
  3. yes,too dark for spring IMO!!
    but i like it for colder peripds, it has something that reminds me a vintage taste!cool though!:greengrin:
  4. Jill, I like it! I actually picked up a pair of cute black kitten heels with a little bow on them and it just clicked that I am really liking the "bow details" on shoes and bags. Were you thinking of using it for an everyday work tote??
  5. i like the vintage-y material! i personally prefer the smaller version of that one (clutch bag) :smile:
  6. It seems like it's mis-priced! If you're thinking about it, I would put it in your cart so you can get it at the price if you decide on it. I like it!
  7. It's a pretty color.
  8. I love it!!!!!
  9. I'm not a huge fan of the logo bags...sorry!
  10. Agree! Although the color is growing less and less appealing to me
  11. I actually like it. Love the size too.
  12. very cute.
    the pink color in that line would be more suitable for spring tho. =)
  13. I like the bag shape, and the straps...but I'm not crazy about that bow. I for one kinda like the color..it's cute!
  14. Love the bow and the handwritten inscription on it! Love the chain straps toooo. I like how simple it otherwise it. Great price too!
  15. i like it!!
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