dior autumn/winter 07 bags (runway shots!)

  1. get ready ladies! :yes:

  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    mmm, that's all i could get off style.com
    can't say i'm crazily in love with them, but the weave patterned one in fuschia/dark red is gorgeous and so are the green ones. not too keen about the clutches.

    after the gaucho and the jeanne, this collection seems kinda... subdued? :sad:

  3. same here... fuschia and green are gorgeous but its more about the colour than the shape of the bag really ...what with the black frame ??? most of them when not comined with the runway clothes remind me of conservative bags for a lady in certain age ...:confused1: ( off to drool at jeanne clutch and gauchos :p )
  4. EDIT:

    I LOVE these new bags!!!! Not so much the light pink ones, but the ones with the crazy woven leather...I think the leather is similar to the Gaucho leather (it looks washed and darkened). The loops to which the handles are attached are snakes!!!! These bags are beautiful!

    I think the black frame can look a little overdone, but if the bag were white, it'd make a VERY nice black and white look. Also, if the bag were brown, it would look very modernish-ly Japanese!
  5. heh. i agree with nat. (sorry may!)
    the bags really struck me as being very conservative. the crazy weave does help make it better, but i'm not feeling the shape of it. i don't know, i'm kinda disappointed. all these bags look like they were made for evening wear more than day wear. i guess it kinda helps me save some money at least (although knowing dior, they'd probably have updates on the other lines which would probably wreck another hole in my pocket).
  6. AWWWWW! I actually just finished watching the show on www.dior.com and I am in LOVE with those bags even more!!!! I was actually hoping that Dior's new bag would be made of woven leather, because I like the look of Bogetta Veneta bags (except they lack fun), and DIor's makes woven leather very fun!!!
  7. ITA with you May!

    i was really tempted to get a BV because the weave was pretty nice, but it just looked so boring (no offense to BV ladies). it's nice that dior is doing the weaved leather bag and i wouldn't mind getting it. well i need to convince myself i like the shape of these bags first.

    speaking of which, i looked at the clothes proper, and i'm disappointed too. i don't know, i was really expecting more.
  8. I think that the clothes are way better than the Spring RTW collection...they mix orgami and other Japanese influences appropriately with trendy clothes while keeping them wearable. I still think that nothing compares to the spring 2006 nude collection.

    You guys should check out the show on www.dior.com. 2 models almost trip in the show on those steps, and John Galliano himself gets an unexpected surprise when he walks down the runway (just a little one :biggrin:)...watch out for the look on his face when that happens.
  9. hmm.. i don't think i'm a fan of these bags.
  10. I love the colors! Especially the berry and lilac shades. I'm not sure how I like the black frame portion. Probably need to see it in real life first.
    Thanks for posting the pics.

  11. aaaawww just after watching the show...i agree with May that nothing beats the nude but ... i love that collection too :heart: ( sorry zero this time ...;) ) absolutely fantastic especially the evening gowns ...and the effect would even be better if those poor models got some shoes in which they would actually be able to walk instead of pathetically attempting to move along the catwalk ...maybe 2 or 3 managed really :yes: and i absolutely loved loved loved whatever Galliano was wearing and the way he wore it ...mmmm :drool: and the music...does anyone know what that opening song is ? so addictive:yes:
  12. Oh wow!!! I came here not expecting to absolutely be stunned, but that green and that fuschia woven bags are AMAZING!!! :drool: :drool:
  13. not a fan, but cool colors
  14. hehe, galliano's cheeky, i remember back when he did the couture show with the victorian (or elizabethan) theme of large heavy dresses with many layers, the models had to be assisted onto the runway. same thing with the latest spring couture show. and remember the egyptian couture show, where he cheekily covered up some top model's face with a mask?

    and from the pictures, i'll have to say, galliano looks better than ever! :nuts:

    eeeks, i need to watch the show, if only my internet connection wasn't so slow. :sad:

  15. are you trying to say you actually havent seen it yet ????:confused1: bad bad millie :yes: !