Dior Alligator ballernia heels

  1. I recently purchased these from DIOR ( pic attached borrowed from an eBay seller) and have to say these are the MOST amazing shoes EVER. They run small and are very narrow (in case you plan on ordering). They come in dark wine (pictured) and a light pinkish color. I am wearing these today with very dark colored skinny jeans and a black wife beater ( simple..think beyonce hehe..hey, its 80 degrees here in CA today)...I loved them so much, I ordered the lighter colored ones,heres the best part...they retail for $995.00, but are on sale for $125.00..yeah thats right..$125.00 :yahoo:
    dior alligator.JPG
  2. OMG where????
  3. where is it????i mean which store that has it for $125?
    it's kinda too much..but i think i fall in love.LOL
  4. Well considering they retailed for 999 originally, that's a damn good price. You got them at Woodbury Outlets?
  5. Cool. Congrats! Where did you find them? Thats such a great price!
  6. one pair purchased from CA outlets the other from woodbury commons! I am not sure what sizes are left, if any. Last I checked the CA dior outlet had NO shoes left on sale :sad:...I would call woodbury commons, ask for Erica or Maya!
  7. Good for you!!!!!!!!
  8. BUMMER - I just called and they're out. I LOVE them! They have wedges for 50% off - not such a great deal :sad:
  9. I love em too ;)
  10. those are some killers heels... i love it. too bad they're all sold out.
  11. I know they were around $125 at Dior outlets. I wanted them so bad in the same color purple but they were out of my size. Congrats on your purchase though!
  12. Good for you they are lovely.
  13. You're very lucky! I love them.
  14. Those are super cute! Great price too...lucky you!
  15. You got such a great deal on a pair of amazing shoes! Good for you! :yahoo: