Dior Accessories Catalogue A/W 2006

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I finally got my catalogue after reminding my kindly SA twice about it (!). I thought the reference guides I found in the other sub-forums were a good idea so I decided to scan them. They aren't the newest items since a lot of them have already been released but I thought someone might find it useful anyway.

    1. Open-toe mule in leather, 10 cm wedge heel £320

    2. "Dior Gaucho" bag in washed leather, £820
    "Dior Gaucho" double face square wallet in washed leather, £220

    3. "Dior Gaucho" 4 cm width belt in washed leather, £170

    4. "Dior Gaucho" small bag in grained leather, £670
    dioraw2006-1.jpg dioraw2006-2.jpg dioraw2006-3.jpg dioraw2006-4.jpg dioraw2006-5.jpg
  2. 1. "My Dior" bag in soft leather, £1,025

    2. "My Dior" large bag in mat crocodile, £14,105

    3. "My Dior" pump in leather, 8 cm heel, £285

    4. "My Dior" pumps in leather, 10 cm heel, £300

    5. "Dior Escrime 1" mask sunglasses, metal and acetate frame, £205
    dioraw2006-6.jpg dioraw2006-7.jpg dioraw2006-8.jpg dioraw2006-9.jpg dioraw2006-10.jpg
  3. 1. White metal ring, rhinestones Dior logo, £175
    White metal necklace, rhinestones Dior logo, £245

    2. "Lady Dior" long wallet in leather with cannage stitching and chain, silver tone jewelry, £300
    "Lady Dior" evening bag in rhinestone cannage on satin with long chain, £ 755

    3. "Cannage" open-toe mule in leather, 7 cm heel , £ 245

    4. White metal necklace, light pink mother of pearl and cyrstal rhinestones, £145
    White metal earrings, light pink mother of pearl and crystal rhinestones, £160

    5. "Lady Dior" large bag in leather with cannage woven embroidery, £1,365
    dioraw2006-11.jpg dioraw2006-12.jpg dioraw2006-13.jpg dioraw2006-14.jpg dioraw2006-15.jpg
  4. 1. Pump in python finished leather, 10 cm heel £335

    2. "Cannage" peeptoe in leather, 9 cm heel, £275
    "Cannage" pump in leather, 9 cm heel, £275

    3. "Trotter Romantique" small leather goods in Dior logo canvas:
    Zip around mini coin case, £120
    Zipped coin case with detachable hook, £105
    Double face square wallet £205
    Heart padlock key ring, £65

    4. "Cannage" sports shoes in leather, £235
    dioraw2006-16.jpg dioraw2006-17.jpg dioraw2006-18.jpg dioraw2006-19.jpg dioraw2006-20.jpg
  5. 1. "Lady Dior" bag in leather with cannage stitching, £835

    2. "Diorito 2" sunglasses, metal and horn resin frame, £220

    3. "Cannage" bag in leather with cannage stitching, £675

    4. "Diorissimo" mulit-pocket hobo in mini Dior jacquard and leather, £505
    "Diorissimo" double face square wallet in mini Dior jacquard and leather, £205

    5. Limited edition, "Christal" chronograph, 325 diamonds (3.38 carats) , £10,200
    dioraw2006-21.jpg dior2006-22.jpg dioraw2006-22.jpg dioraw2006-23.jpg dioraw2006-24.jpg
  6. 1. "Diorette" ring, 18K white gold, diamond, aquamarine, amethyst, yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, tsavorite and lacquer - £7,550

    2. "Gourmette de Dior" ring, large model, 18K yellow gold, £960
    "Mimi Gourmette de Dior" ring, 18K yellow gold £140

    3. "Gourmette de Dior" ring, small model, 18K white gold and diamonds, £2,280
    "Gourmette de Dior" pendant, 18K white gold and diamonds, £2,000
    "Maxioui" chain, 18K white gold, £640
    "Gourmette de Dior" earrings, small model, 18K white gold and diamounds £2,970

    4. "Oui" ring, 18K white gold and diamonds, £1380
    "Oui" bracelet, 18K white gold and diamonds £1,520

    THE END :sweatdrop:
    dioraw2006-26.jpg dioaw2006-27.jpg dioraw2006-27.jpg dioraw2006-28.jpg
  7. Thanks for posting it! I love all of them :nuts:
  8. Chrystalline .. Thaaaaaaank u soo much for sharing :heart::heart:

    Post #3, Pic #2 .. one of them is an evening clutch and the other is a wallet? wallet with chain? looks soo cute ..

    Thaaaaaaank u again :heart:
  9. thanks for the pics! love the diorette ring but it is way too expensive for me.
  10. thanks, great collection
  11. Hey Chloe,

    Yup, it's a long wallet with chain, gorgeous isn't it? :heart:
  12. thanks so much chrystalline! :heart:

    i went down to the dior in sloane street yesterday, and saw 3 of the limited edition saddles. the french saddle bag is just GORGEOUS!!! didn't see the morroccan one there, but saw it at harrods. i had to get my friends to stop me from buying anything.
  13. Thanks a million Chrystalline! The Dior costume jewelry with huge crystal pieces is TDF! I'm so getting the necklace if I see it at Holts (unless it's over $400, in which case I rather save up to buy a bag).

    Wow, they made a crocodile version of the My Dior already? Usually they take a season before making an existing bag with crocodile...I guess it's because the MyDior bags are for fall/winter, and crocodile is a fall/winter thing.
  14. I will buy Gaucho belt the next week.