Dionysus- mini vs WOC?

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  1. I’m new here so forgive me if this has been asked before! I’m in love with the WOC but wondering if there are cons that would make getting the other bag better?
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  2. Definitely the WOC. I have it, it fits a ton
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  3. Mini for me! The shape is much more flattering in my opinion.
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  4. Are you planning on getting the canvas monogram or the leather Dionysus? Also what items are you planning on carrying inside?
  5. I think I want canvas monogram. I can travel pretty lightly with cards, phone, keys, maybe a chapstick??
  6. The Gucci Dionysus WOC will definitely be enough for your needs then. I personally think it looks really nice too. Versatile for day and night. It can also be used as a regular wallet inside a big bag.
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  7. The WOC has a long shoulder strap as most WOC’s do....the Mini, although a bit more in price, has a few different shoulder options to play with. The super mini is the 23.5 shoulder strap length. I tend to like the mini more because of the different strap options. Both however are fantastic bags and do hold a surprising amount.
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