Dionysus - Mini Shoulder bag vs Chain wallet

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  1. I am currently in a dilemma as to which to get. Would appreciate your comments. Thanks.
  2. I like the suede details on the mini shoulder :smile:
  3. No one likes the Dionysus?
  4. I personally LOVE the Dionysus, so if I were you I would get the mini shoulder or even medium bag. I think it will always be a covetable/classic Gucci bag, even when it is no longer produced and will have much more longevity than the chain wallet. I am personally strongly considering getting one myself.
  5. Any pictures of what you are considering?:smile:
  6. I like this bag but feel it's way too overpriced. I'd rather put some more money in and get a Chanel WOC or mini.
  7. Really?

    In comparison to these 2 Chanels I would have thought they were both bargains :biggrin:
  8. I think it depends on the other colours in your wardrobe and what else you have already

    For its own sake I like the red - but the beige will never clash :imgbroken:

    I think I would go for the red in this size, it just has that little more about it ;)
  9. I am looking at this one too! It is bigger than the WOC and has a longer chain than the shoulder bag version. I like the pop of color, ;)

    I am going to try to see these today. I think it seems like a good price point.

    I just noticed the blue blooms are coming out...I would buy that one in a second!

    Good luck deciding.
  10. 100% agree!!:smile:
  11. I think Chanel bags are really overpriced. I've a red mulberry Lily bag and I think it can fit more things than the mini Dionysus. Now I'm torn between getting the mini Dionysus or another mulberry Lily.
  12. Get the Gucci Dionysus.... it is striking, and you already have a Mulberry Lily.
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